Student Group Spotlight: Brown University Beard Appreciation Society



Those of you who frequent Morning Mail may have caught the announcements for the Brown University Beard Appreciation Society (BUBAS). Needless to say, we were intrigued by their announcements and wanted to learn more. Past messages have included promises of discussing President Lincoln’s beard to appreciating beards in film. We reached out to Elliot Grossman ’17, the Morning Mail contact, to find out some more details about this club. Here is a Q&A with Elliot telling you everything you need to know about the Brown University Beard Appreciation Society:

BlogDH: So, how did this idea to create a beard appreciation society come about? Who was involved in starting it?

Elliot: One night, the idea to form this club came to mind, so I looked around for bearded people and polled whether or not they would be interested in participating in a beard-related club at Brown. The response was unanimously in favor of creating such a club, so I set to work. I completed the paperwork and requirements of creating the Beard Appreciation Society with help from my co-founder, Mike Petro ’17. He was instrumental in planning what the club would actually do.

BlogDH: And now that you’re a club, what does a typical meeting look like?

Elliot: Meetings take place every other Sunday at 5:00 pm for about 45 minutes to an hour, so we call them “5 o’clock shadow meetings.” We begin by critiquing a famous beard, whether it be historical or contemporary; then we move on to the topic of the day [e.g. beard styles, shaving techniques, beard theory (possible future styles), beard stigma, etc.]; followed by current events that relate to the club; and finally plans for the future of the club, either possible events or in general.

BlogDH: How many members are in your group?

Elliot: Our maximum attendance for a meeting was around 25 people, but on average, I would say that we have closer to 15 devotees.

BlogDH: What is the funniest thing to come out of this group? Do you have any particularly cool stories?

Elliot: In my opinion, the funniest thing to occur so far was when all of the leading members of the club (myself, Mike, Gus Roth ’17, and David Elitzer ’17) happened to shave at the same time, resulting in a beard club led by the beardless. The coolest thing for me was acting as an ambassador for our club at the Boston Beard Fest, the first beard competition that I had ever attended. BUBAS really opens doors for people.

BlogDH: How do people become involved with BUBAS?

Elliot: It’s easy! Join our Facebook group and keep your eyes on Morning Mail for news of the next meeting or event! Beards are supported, but not required, so anyone can take part. We also support people who shave, because we understand.

BlogDH: How often do you guys meet?

Elliot: In a perfect world, we would meet every other week, either for a meeting or the screening of a beard-related movie. In truth, it has been almost a month since out last meeting because events like Spring Weekend and Easter have taken priority.

BlogDH: What has been the most memorable meeting?

Elliot: In my opinion, the most memorable meetings were the first few. We were just finding our footing; it was reminiscent of a start-up company or an entrepreneurial group. We also had a good number of people attend. Other than that, I would say that the meeting when we screened The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was memorable because it was the first movie we watched.

BlogDH: If you could tell Brown one thing about your group, what would it be?

Elliot: I would tell Brown that everyone is welcome and that meetings are a lot of fun! Feel free to come to as many or as little events as you like: you do not have to be a super committed member. We’re also always open for new suggestions! Also, I am really looking forward to No-Shave November/Movember next year. I expect our membership to go way up. Additionally, I am excited to see our popularity with the incoming class and try to get a real following that will last far into the future, even after I’ve graduated.

BlogDH: Do you have more ideas for the future?

Elliot: We are planning a Beard Masquerade dance, a beard pin-up calendar, T-shirts, ads on WBRU, and shaving in unison.

BlogDH: Sounds like you guys have a lot of work ahead of you. Any final words?

Elliot: I would like to finish up with a few slogans/mottos from our club: “We are the peoples’ club!” and, “The future is right under our noses!”

And there you have it.

Image via BUBAS.


  1. Ahah, I would definitely become a member of BUBAS if I could. Awesome society!

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