An unsolvable problem: sunglasses and glasses


Finally, the sun seems to be coming out to stay for at least a little while. It’s time to put away winter coats, Bean Boots, and beanies, and slip on boat shoes, colorful shorts, and sunglasses.

While I’m overjoyed at finally basking in the sunlight (instead of studying for finals), I’m met with a major dilemma, one that anyone who wears glasses can empathize with.

Is there a harmony between wearing sunglasses and glasses?

Please, help me. I can’t find a way to get the best of both worlds. I’ll wear my  sunglasses outside with my glasses in my pocket, but I’m practically blind unless you’re a foot in front of me. As soon as I’m inside, I’ll pull out my glasses and swap them in. Doesn’t it seem cumbersome, not to mention dangerous, walking around with a shaded and completely blurred vision?! Here are some suggested “solutions” I’ve encountered, though I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

  • “Buy prescription sunglasses.” I actually have my eye on a pair of prescription Warby Parker sunglasses. But this doesn’t solve anything. It just reverses the problem! I don’t plan on staying in the sunlight for hours on end, so these would only work for the few minutes I’m outside. What happens when I go inside? I have to take them off, and then I’m blind again.
  • “Use transition lenses.” No.


  • “Wear your sunglasses over your regular glasses.” I was called “four-eyes” in elementary school, and I don’t want to be called “six-eyes” in college. They would also probably just slip off my face.
  • “Wear contacts and sunglasses.” This is actually one of the best suggestions because I solve the blind problem and the wanting protective eyewear problem. But then, I’ve missed my point. I enjoy eyewear, so when I’m inside, my face will feel vulnerable and exposed. I need my glasses.

Any suggestions are welcome. For those with 20/20 vision, I’m jealous.

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  1. I have a really easy way of changing from glasses to sunglasses without taking either off or looking stupid (willing to show y’all) and takes literally half a second.

  2. C Chan

    Option 4 + lensless/fashion glasses perhaps?

  3. John Doe

    Lasik. And get over it.

  4. Richard

    Buy daily contacts,keep your prescription and then just use your contacts when you need it and then throw them away after. When you’re inside just wear your prescription glasses

  5. Hashim Aziz

    RE Prescription Sunglasses – how on Earth does it “reverse the problem”? You say you already carry your prescription glasses around when wearing ordinary sunglasses, so why is it so cumbersome to swap out those ordinary sunglasses for prescriptions and switch between the two as and when you need to use them?

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