Sextion: Sex (during Reading) Period

Finals Sextion

When you’re stressed out, what’s your coping mechanism? We all know that inhaling several slices of pizza can be a great temporary relief, but have you ever thought about sex as a study break option?

If you’ve spent all day hunched over a desk trying to cram as much into your brain as possible, chances are, sitting on Reddit for half an hour before crashing in bed is not going to give you the kind of release your body needs.

You need something that stretches out your muscles, gets your mind off of school, and gives you serious endorphins. You could always go to the gym, but let’s be real; none of the gyms are open when you’re done with the night’s work. Plus, nothing helps you fall asleep like a nice trip to O-Town.

In addition to the short-term gratification, sex has some serious long-term benefits for your reading period health:

For those of you non-bio concentrators, just so you know, oxytocin is an awesome hormone and has some serious credentials when it comes to reducing stress. It reduces cortisol, a hormone that is released in response to stress. If your body is not given the opportunity to decompress, that cortisol does not go away. It then continues to build up until eventually your body falls into a cycle of chronic stress.  Unlike endorphins, you aren’t going to get a shot of oxytocin from running on a treadmill because your body releases it when you experience physical contact with another person. It helps you feel more comfortable and secure and puts a serious dent in the levels of cortisol circulating in your bloodstream.

Sex during finals also boosts your immune system. There was a study done by researchers at Wilkes University that showed that students who had sex at least once a week had higher levels of immunoglobulin A (Ed. Science!), which is one of your immune system’s most important first lines of defense. It’s like taking a daily multivitamin to boost your health, except it’s sex. No one wants to get sick, especially during finals.

When in a studying crunch, you never get to the gym as much as you’d like too. And during reading period, you spend hours upon hours sitting crouched at a desk until your eyes glaze over. But, just 15 minutes of foreplay and sex will get your heart pumping enough to get you out of that funk of study lethargy.

Sex isn’t your thing? Kissing, cuddling, and even hugging are enough. Any intimate personal contact will significantly reduce your stress response. Just be sure to take plenty of “breaks” to let yourself chill out. And if you need some inspiration about good places to take those study breaks… look no further than BlogDailyHerald.

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