A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: BlogDailyHerald, 5 years on

Though it might be hard to believe, the school year has come to an end. The libraries are empty, the Main Green is silent, and the Class of 2014 has marched through the Van Wickle Gates. Congrats to the seniors on your graduation! We’ll miss you dearly, but we know you will be all kinds of successful in life outside College Hill.

The end of the 2013-2014 academic year also marks the conclusion of BlogDailyHerald’s 5th year of production (do we even call it that?). It is sometimes hard to believe how young our web site is, especially given how far we have come in such a short time. The brainchild of some Brown Daily Herald editors back in 2009, Blog has become an organization unlike anything we could have dreamed of.

For the 2011 BDH Commencement magazine, former Blog editors David Winer ’13 and Matt Klimerman ’13 painted a pretty extraordinary picture of what the site’s early days were like. There were no Sunday evening meetings. Blog had “day editors” who handled all of the site’s content for a single day of the week. And edit board meetings? Try “run-ins on the street and in the Ratty.”

That year, Blog’s fearless first leaders revolutionized how the organization works. Our weekly writers’ meeting, daily time-wasters, and current managerial structure all came from these early days. Needless to say, we are all in great debt to the site’s earliest editors.

Blog has changed just as much in the past year. We have our first ever full-time Creative Team, which has brought you masterpieces like Brunonia, Flappy SciliDuck, Spring Weekend 2048, and our first ever quizzes. Webmaster and Gnome Overlord Joe Stein ’16 finally turned our pipe dream of a total site redesign into a beautiful red and gray reality. We brought on a full-time copywriter, Philip Heller ’16, who, along with Business Manager Nicole Shimer ’16, has revolutionized how we procure funding for stickers and… yeah, stickers. Only stickers. Our staff is larger than ever, and we’re getting over 5,000 unique hits on most days. We want to be the absolute #1 online resource for Brown students, and we’re getting closer to that goal every semester.



Our content ranges from the informative to the ridiculous in the best way possible. We’re as likely to tell you who our 15 hottest freshmen are as we are to dissect the finer points of a debate on US support of Israel. We put together an awesome Senior Superlatives poll, but we’re just as good at explaining the changes in the Housing Lottery so no freshmen end up living in the gap between two buildings on Thayer. We’re ace interviewers and interviewees. And, as the Indy staff often reminds us during a heated game of kickball, we’re the best hyperlinkers and strikethrough-ers east of the Mississippi.

As you can see, we’ve come a long way in the past 5 years. Some big congratulations are in order to our senior writers/editors/photographers/friends. They have been the heart and soul of Blog for years, and they have witnessed the transformation that I just reviewed. Major props to Meredith Bilski, Ana Colón, Emily Gilbert, Peter Asimov, Sam Levison, Greg Jordan-Detamore, Ali Ross, Cara Newlon, Chip Lebovitz, Jesse Hartheimer, and Rebecca Steinberg. You all killed it.

Though we’re losing some top talent, I know Blog’s best days are ahead of it. We’ve got an incredible edit board taking over for the next semester. Georgia Tollin ’15 will be taking over as Editor-in-Chief, and her impeccable organizational and writing skills mean Blog is in great hands. She will have plenty of support as well. David Oyer ’16 and Charlotte Bilski ’16 will be the site’s Managing Editors, which means Brown’s sports teams will still have a cheerleader on our staff. Albie Brown ’16 replaces the brilliant Don Draper Jason Hu ’15 as Blog’s Creative Director, so expect even more beautiful Spring Weekend tanks and addicting banner games in the coming year. Rounding out our edit board are our three Deputy Managing Editors: Deena Butt ’16, Kate Storey-Fisher ’16, and Jacob Koffler ’17. A classy trio if I ever saw one. This is an all-star lineup, and they will all push Blog to even greater heights.

We’ve had so much fun growing into a space where people can learn, smile, think, and share all things even tangentially Brown-relevant. We look forward to continuing to do so in the future, and if you have any ideas as to how we could do better, feel free to email us at blog@browndailyherald.com.

On a final note, happy birthday to Brown, but we’re going to have to outdo your festivities. Expect an Indomitable-sized Bear Head cake for “Imagine Blog 5+” in the fall.

See you next year, Brunonia. In Blog We Trust.

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  1. Graduating senior

    I dont think you should be proud of the direction Blog is heading. It’s becoming more and more like an even worse version of Buzzfeed

  2. Congrats from some Brown Daily Herald editors back in 2009!

    It’s great to see what you guys have done with the place. I’ll email some ancient archive materials over re: Blog’s background.

    (Source: http://blogdailyherald.com/2009/09/04/welcome-to-blog-daily-herald/. Long live Neal Poole and 119)

  3. Congrats with mini anniversary and keep on creating the ridiculous content – you are the best in it.

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