Here’s your Fall 2014 Brown Lecture Board speaker poll

We interrupt your summer recess for an important announcement: Brown Lecture Board has opened its speaker poll for Fall 2014! Mindy Kaling and Sir Ian McKellen, popular former bids, are joined by newcomers Kevin Spacey, Toni Morrison, and Jane Goodall.

Kaling is a prominent comedian on her show The Mindy Project and was on The Office. McKellen was nominated for two Oscars and has also been immortalized as Gandalf in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Magneto in X-Men, and this. Kevin Spacey stars in the Netflix political thriller House of Cards as the pure evil cunning Frank Underwood. Morrison is a universally acclaimed author and Pulitzer Prize winner. Her novel Beloved is a favorite of Professor Arnold Weinstein in the comp lit department. Finally, Goodall is famous as both a scientist and a humanitarian and is considered “the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees.”

The poll (found here) is complete with mini-bios for each speaker, and BLB really hopes that students will take the time to make an educated decision. Of course, we at BlogDH promise to keep you informed about all of the candidates as well. Let WWIII commence amongst our staff writers.

An important note: Remember that when you invite actors, you aren’t actually inviting their characters. Ian Mckellen cannot tell you what happens after the last of the elves sailed to Valinor, and as much as we would to love to see Wendy Schiller front and center in Salomon 101, this question is probably inappropriate for Kevin Spacey:


From BlogDH’s Facebook group. Nobody’s perfect.

Feeding off the great energy from last year, Lecture Board is ahead of schedule for 2014-2015. BLB President Kaivan Shroff ’15 and his Vice President of Finance were able to get a larger budget from UFB, meaning you can expect even bigger things from the group in the upcoming school year.

Best of all, this year we will finally be graced with WEBCASTS! Huzzah for everyone too unlucky to draw tickets from the lottery system! Again, here’s the link to this year’s poll.

Images via Lecture Board’s website.


  1. Duh

    Mindy Kaling was a writer for the Office. The only woman out of 8 writers. Come on BDH!!!!!

  2. John Doe

    Sounds like a delicious roundup of ultra left wing entertainers. I like the balance that was attempted.

  3. John Doe

    I see that the editorial board has decided to censor my comment, which makes my decision as to whether to donate my alumni funds to the Brown Herald or not.

    I require an unbiased source of news, not just the liberal drivel that you post. until I see an even handedness I will refrain from my donation.

    Don’t you feel ashamed to simply be a liberal shill? Isn’t your goal to actually be unbiased and fair to both sides?

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