For seniors, shopping is a whole new ballgame

Do seniors look this cute while we shop? No.

Do seniors look this cute while we shop? No, probably not. 

The start of senior year has been strange and exciting for lots of reasons: the trials and tribulations of off-campus housing, reconnecting with old friends, enjoying the freakishly good weather, and more. And yet, since classes have started, reality has started to set in in a big way. I wouldn’t quite call it a Quarter Life Crisis yet — I haven’t gotten a tattoo, bleached my hair, or joined the Marines — but my priorities have changed. And I don’t seem to be alone. For many seniors, Shopping Period has been a whole lot more stressful the 7th time around.

You would think we’d be old pros at this game by now. You would think we’d jump out of bed on Wednesday morning, rainbow-colored carts filled to the brim with all-star professors and really cool classes that you would never have heard of if your roommate’s boyfriend’s older brother hadn’t been in them, ready to take on our final year on College Hill. Sadly, some other concerns have gotten in the way of a smooth beginning to our our victory lap:

  1. About those concentration requirements… When your friends from high school asked you what Brown was like, you probably mentioned something about the open curriculum and SPG. Well, they were WRONG (we have a writing requirement and we get grades). That research methods class you’ve been putting off for 3 years? Time to take it, or good luck making it out of the Van Wickle Gates. And if you’re double-concentrating, now you know what being an engineer has been like all this time.
  2. Sometimes your Meiklejohn needs a Meiklejohn. Even we seniors need some advice. Yeah, you probably should be familiar with most of the ropes right now, but if you haven’t built up a strong network of professors/other resources as sounding boards yet, it can be intimidating to do so now. And hey, even some of us seniors don’t know where the Building for Environmental Research and Teaching is.
  3. “Oh, I’ll just take it next year.” No, you (hopefully) won’t.
  4. Employment? What is this employment of which you speak? As graduation That Day in May That Must Not be Named looms larger and larger, so does the question of what exactly we’re going to do after it finally arrives. Not that I have anything against MUSC0607: Old-Time String Band, but it’s hard not to keep one eye on the future these days. Guess I should put Financial Accounting in the cart.
  5. lolmythesis. A 100-page anything can be daunting, and the idea of creating, no, birthing, a work that expansive could definitely influence one’s shopping plans. You might want to take it easy in other classes to keep yourself even somewhat sane.

It might be that after 3 years at Brown, we’ve accumulated such a wealth of knowledge about the school’s courses that it’s natural to feel frustrated at the prospect of not being able to take them all. Nevertheless, I could go for some blissful ignorance right now. Happy shopping, my fellow seniors. Make it count.

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