PSA: Don’t be “The Sniffler” this cold and flu season


As much as we hate to admit it, it’s starting to get colder. The leaves are changing colors, the Main Green is becoming less crowded, and pumpkin-spiced lattes are back at Starbucks. Unfortunately, the changing of the seasons also signals that the cold and flu season is upon us. Yes, college is a time when exploration and learning are interspersed with crazy amounts of debauchery, but it is also a time when being sick is pretty much the norm. Living on top of one another in the dorms, sharing germs and intimate space, will usually do that to you. That is why we are asking, or rather, begging you, to please not be that guy or girl who wont stop sniffling in the AQR.

You all know the person to whom I am referring: phe who steps foot into the library all bundled up to fight the chills, armed with a gallon of tea and a box of tissues.  As soon as they sit down, they no longer are a Brown student, but instead become a germ-spewing, snot-sniffling megaphone that never seems to know when to leave and relieve some nasal pressure. Below we’ve highlighted a few tips to help you avoid being this library nuisance.

1) BLOW YOUR NOSE. It’s really not that hard. Before you go into a quiet place, take the time to really clear yourself up.

2) Do this:

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3) Bring your own tissues with you. It will literally take you just a few seconds to grab some extra when you are in the bathroom.

4) If you’re starting to feel sick, maybe skip going to Whiskey Wednesday and try to catch up on some sleep.

If you think you’re being sneaky and only sniffling when you turn a page or adjust your chair, we’re on to you. So please, for the sake of everyone who goes to the libraries, take a brief study break and blow your nose. If you do end up running into “the sniffler” and they haven’t heeded our aforementioned advice, it’s totally okay to toss them a few tissues. The fleeting angry stare you might receive is worth saving the entire room’s sanity.

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