Captain Seaweed’s Thursday Night Lobster Raffle: Cheap beer, cheese puffs and live lobsters


One Thursday night, these two BlogDH writers decided—like the proper seniors we are—to ignore our readings for the night and drag our housemates to Captain Seaweed’s Pub on the corner of Ives and Williams. The honeymoon period with the GCB was waning, and it was good to get out to the other bars of Providence—you can only go to Spats so many times before you feel like you should be a real adult and branch out. Meanwhile, Seaweed’s is home to good-spirited bartenders, plenty of fishing tackle and an old decrepit statue of a fisherman, whose level of creepiness is certainly up there.

But the real reason to visit Seaweed’s is for the Thursday night lobster raffle. Every Thursday, each drink comes with a raffle ticket, and then, at 11:30, winners are chosen and given a tray with two lobsters and a bag of mussels.

The success of the evening is all about strategy.

Strategy: win – Buy several pitchers of the “captain’s lager,” AKA glorified Natty Lite, for $6 and receive 6 tickets. But, be sure to hold onto your pitcher throughout the night because sometimes they run out of the physical pitchers themselves. To actually finish the pitcher, either invite enough friends so that everyone only has to have a cup, or go with a small, elite team. Eventually, when you’ve had enough it will taste not like, well, lightly carbonated urine.

Strategy: Have fun – Buy tons of drinks, hang out with friends, and laugh at the incredibly drunk people who now have to deal with two live lobsters. Disclaimer: No fingers were lost in the writing of this post.

Strategy: Margaret’s tactic – Sit at the bar and make friends with the bartenders so they give you as many free cheese balls as you want. Then take all of your friends’ tickets and sit in slight disbelief when you realize you’re holding a winning ticket.

Strategy: Jason’s tactic – Drink tons of shit beer and let Margaret burn her fingers while trying to cook the lobsters. Snapchat hard, and abuse all channels of social media to brag about your new crustacean friends/meal.

And if you do win, stay up and cook the bad boys. You’ll probably drunkenly search up a recipe on your phone at midnight like we did, but on the off chance you’re responsible and have foresight, here’s a recipe for cooking lobsters college style:

1 large pot

Melted butter

The winnings

Bring the water in a large pot to boil. Drop in the lobsters. When the water has resumed boiling, cook for another 15 minutes. Drain water.

Don’t have lobster crackers? A rolling pin (or wine bottle) will serve you well, or get a bit Cro-Magnon and improvise some tools to smash things below you on the food chain. Get ready to dunk that lobster meat in plenty of melted butter. We added some old bay garlic seasoning to our butter and it was divine.

Start by breaking off the claws and go from there.

The tastiest midnight snack you’ll ever have.

Bon appetit!

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