We have new writers! Meet the BlogBabies of Fall 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the Fall semester – that’s right, it’s the time when the leaves start changing colors, the air gets crisper, and we welcome a brand new set of staff members to BlogDailyHerald.  We have added 11 new writers and 3 new creative team contributors to our squad, making it one of the largest classes of BlogBabies to date. In order to get them acquainted, we asked that they conduct interviews of one another. Read below to learn what makes each of them tick, what their coveted Blue Room muffin is, and of course, their favorite historical figure.


Taylor DeRosa ’16:  Let me introduce you to Taylor DeRosa, or Tazlor DeRosa, the name she wrote down on her SAT (three phone calls with CollegeBoard later and she’s here at Brown!). She hails from New Haven, Connecticut, about which “there’s nothing weird”… that she’s willing to put online, at least. One of Taylor’s many feats is having re-learned how to walk at age twelve. Not to mention being the best football player in all of New England, despite her many concussions. Taylor mostly loves cartoons, although Courage the Cowardly Dog is too scary for her. Her favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo; in fact, she has been Scooby for the past five Halloweens, following the tragic demise of her Mulan costume. Taylor has been through many highs and lows, from a night spent on a bench in JWW to being a proud one-time winner of Settlers of Catan. Here at Brown, Taylor spends her time Poller-Bearing, bringing Thai food to the theater, eating pot stickers in the night, giving life advice to her Meiklebabies, and pretending to be a pancake. Taylor’s favorite historical figure is Napolean, only because she didn’t think the world could handle her face photoshopped onto Jesus.


Hannah Silverman ’16:  If you’ve ever gone to the Blue Room and wondered, “Who is this ravishing woman serving me muffins?” look no further. It was Hannah Silverman, formerly known as the Patron Saint of Accidental Arson (ask her about it). A New York City native, Hannah Silverman excels at many things: photography, navigating public transportation, and doubting things. That said, she only just learned to ride a bicycle, so keep your admiration in check. If asked to name her greatest strength, Hannah might say it’s cooking. Tazlo Taylor DeRosa would say it is Hannah’s uncanny ability to seduce foreign men. At the moment, Hannah is preoccupied by the broken lightbulb in her bathroom, as she fears peeing in the dark. Hannah’s favorite historical figure is Marco Polo not because he is a famed explorer but because he is the namesake of her #1 fav game.

Zach Kerouac

Zach Fredericks ’17: Zach is a second-year IR concentrator who hails from New York City. He has a particular interest in politics, and is a member of the Socially Aware Investment Group. He came to Brown because of its open academic philosophy. He had deliberated between a very open and a very structured college life, and opted for the former after a rigorously scheduled high school experience. At the moment, he is directing a one-act play that was written by the father of one of Zach’s childhood friends. Zach’s favorite class that he has completed at Brown was the History of the American Empire Since 1890, which provides an international perspective on the rise of America as a global superpower. If he could be an historical figure, Zach would be Jack Kerouac. Among the original three Pokémon starters, Zach’s choice is Charmander. His favorite book that he read recently was Everything is Illuminated, by Jonathan Safran Foer.


Steven Dowd ’15: There’s no denying that from the day he could formulate thought, Steven Dowd has wanted to live a mirror life to that of his acclaimed ancestor, Marco Polo. For starters, he knew he’d have to take to the seas, and starting rowing in his freshman year at Villanova. Once he felt he could adequately managed the briny depths, he set sail for the far east halfway through his sophomore year. In search of artistic sanctuary, he arrived in a land known as College Hill. Like Marco Polo, Steven felt the need to tell the world of his travels and adventures, and insists that a firm understanding of Computer Science and English will help him accomplish this task. After the novel of his exploits is complete, Steven will embark again on his next voyage. ***Disclaimer: To my best knowledge, Marco Polo is not his ancestor.***

Sahil King Jr.

Sahil Prasad ’18: Sahil is a first year at Brown who was born in Fiji and spent the first six years of his life there. His family eventually moved to the Bay Area of California, and eventually ended up in Sacramento. At Brown he intends to study Computer Science and Economics. In high school, Sahil break danced and was a part of a professional dancing company for two years. He is also a lucid dreamer (one who takes naps for the sole purpose of dreaming), so do not wake him up if you see him napping in the Sci Li! If he could be any figure in history, he would be Martin Luther King Jr.. Sahil’s two chihuahuas are his favorite animals in the whole world. He loves all foods, and has a major sweet tooth. On BlogDH, he wants to write a column where he gets his ideas for posts from his peers; he hopes to write about what people want to read. Sahil is excited by the opportunity to express himself in a genuine way through Blog, to and communicate his ideas as they come to him.


Eben Blake ’17: Eben is a sophomore English concentrator from the Princeton area. He enjoys the color blue (so many shades!), the Blue Room, East-Side Pockets, Geoff’s (how could anyone not love TwoforTuesday?) and 1a.m. Jo’s runs. By day, Eben prefers to do his studying on the Quiet Green. Outside of academia, he can be found sipping green tea, his favorite drink, or relaxing in the Sigma Chi house. If he could be any historical figure, Eben would be Henry David Thoreau, because why live around so many people when he could live on Walden Pond?


Kevin Haggerty ’18: While primarily a fan of “ratchet music,” Kevin Haggerty is a true Renaissance man, playing both trumpet and piano in Brown’s Jazz Band when he’s not studying Cognitive Science. Hailing from Chappaqua, New York, Kevin is a fan of “warm, cozy sweaters” and the Ratty’s seasoned French fries. He can be seen on campus wearing his favorite all-black tee shirt with SWAG written in large letters, although he claims that one of his greatest fears about coming to Brown was what to wear because “everyone here dresses too well.” Kevin idolizes Otto von Bismarck because he “was mad clever.”

Tucker kobayashi

Tucker Iverson: ’16: A New Jersey native, Tucker flies under the radar: his real name is Robert, which is why you couldn’t find him in your Brown directory. If reincarnated as a historical figure, Tucker would be Kobayashi because they share an intellect and a charitable nature. Tucker’s favorite thing about himself are his good looks, but his interests extend past his really, really good-looking face to things like fencing (he’s on varsity), economics (his major), and singing (karaoke enthusiast). Tucker prefers not to be paid in Trident Layers gum for he is allergic. His other allergies include Carmex and lavender; he claims to hold the world record for “Lamest Allergies Ever.” As a junior, Tucker has spent some time reflecting on his goals for his final years. He has decided that what’s most important to him is to convince everyone of Nickelback’s merit as a band and to meet Mama Kim once and for all.


Carolyn Rachofsky ’17:  “Chofsky,” was born in the little hamlet of New York City at the age of 0. A self-described “Peter-Pan”( because of her love of kidnapping children and because she played Peter Pan in the seventh grade), Carolyn can often be found flitting around the Sciences Library reading tomes as thick as 250 pages or even longer. Her favorite activities are trolling Justin Bieber on Instagram, collecting French-themed wall posters, and saying the phrase “Got any snacks?” An exemplary arm wrestler, Rachofsky has travelled to locations all around the globe such as Naples, Florida and Naples, Italy.  Her favorite historical figure is our nation’s first President, George Washington. Furthermore, Carolyn is the proud owner of a mom, a dad and brothers named Peter and Will, all of whom share the last name Rachofsky. At the end of the day, “Chofsky” loves closing all the windows, curling up with a mug of Splenda-laden decaf, and putting in her favorite retainer, Burton.


Kenji Endo ’18: Like most people, first-year Kenji from Delaware thinks that pomegranates are way too pretentious. If Kenji could rewrite Delaware’s state slogan, it would be “Come for the tax-free shopping, stay for the…Honestly, what do you stay for?” He insists that he loves Delaware nonetheless. If Kenji could be any historical figure, he would be Mr. Rogers, because he was pretty badass and “killed the sweater game.” When he was a wee lad, Kenji was terrified of the wallpaper in his downstairs bathroom, as well as the monster that lived in the toilet. Kenji hopes that sometime in the next 250 years scientists will resurrect the dodo bird. When not searching “babies trying lemons for the first time” on Youtube, Kenji spends his time eating cheesecake and thinking about starting a band, which he would name Kenji Endo and the Three-Humped Camels.


Ari Snider ’18: Ari “Ardog” Snider  is described by his parents as “cautious and responsible,” by himself as “daring, fearless, and witty,” and by David Sedaris, his favorite author, as “damn near brilliant” (Not actually true, but what if?). Ari hails from Belfast, Maine, which he argues has the better, more competitive cheese rolling competition (it’s what it sounds like) than Belfast, Ireland. At home, when he’s not biking and kayaking onto the harbor, he’s cranking out some FINE tunes with hispentatonic flute. Here at Brown, Ari hopes to study something in the humanities (“Vague, I know,” he says). Along with BlogDH, Ari writes for Vagabond magazine, and plans to get involved with Brown’s Ultimate team and Outing Club. If he could be any historical figure, Ari says he would have liked to have been “Mark Twain, because he spent his life having adventures and writing about those adventures, while never losing his sense of humor. That’s the most exciting way to live, I think.”


Jokichi Matsubara ’18: Jokichi, or Goku as his friends refer to him when he’s having a particularly good hair day, is a freshman here at Brown and Blog’s newest photoshop wiz. Please do not approach him with a limp handshake, as that is his pet peeve. Please do approach him, however, with plenty of appreciation for House of Cards, 80’s rockers, and the kind of Andrew’s Commons sandwiches so big they take two BuDS workers to serve— one to hold it down; one to cut it. Hailing from Seattle, Jokichi is an alum of the same high school that graduated Quincy Jones, Macklemore, and almost Jimi Hendrix (who got expelled as a junior). He’s a big fan of Lawrence of Arabia and would gladly take up residence with the indigenous Bedouin clans in the Syrian Desert. This affinity for sitting in the sun led him to assign his spirit animal to be a turtle, and his historical figure of choice to be Ralph Waldo Emerson. At one point in his life, he thought Scrub’s “Muffins For Life” gag could be genuine; with the help of the Blue Room and some points, nothing’s holding him back from turning it into a reality.


Julia Elia ’17: Hailing from Millford, Connecticut, most who know Julia Elia say that she is a modern-day embodiment of Cleopatra, the last active Pharoah of Egypt. Like a true Eqyptian ruler, she is poised, polite, and an expert psychologist (which is not surprising considering her high school was “legitimately a haunted house”). A self-described “over-doer of clubs,” Julia has participated in the acapella group Ursa Minors, WBRU radio station, a psych lab, and the Brown Folk Fest 2014. Julia does not like it when you call her “Jules.” Jack White is a frequented name on her Youtube search bar, and she is particularly partial to his 2 hour-long interviews, which she says are “really funny.” Yes, she is an emphatic Back To The Future fan, which explains the fact that she once cried when meeting Michael J. Fox. Arrested Development30 Rock, and 2000’s era Saturday Night Live are only a few of the many influences that contribute to impeccable comedy taste, so chat up Julia sometime. Who knows, she just might make you smile!


Hank Winton ’18: Hank Winton was born and raised in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. He is a first-year student, but spent a year abroad before joining the Class of 2018. Although undecided on specific major, he is leaning towards something in the humanities. Hank relates himself to his dog, Koda; he describes that they are both “big nappers, big eaters.” There is no doubt that Koda would agree with Hank’s sentiment that sushi is the best food, hands down. Tails between legs, the best food ever. While that may be true, Hank’s favorite junk food is popcorn. So great is his favoritism of popcorn that he himself considers a case of OD-on-popcorn a possibility. Alongside food, Hank is a huge sports fan, especially of the New England Patriots. His favorite historical figure, in fact, is the current quarterback of the Patriots, Tom Brady. He ran a sports column for his high school paper, in which he assumed the perspective of a spectator of a sports event, and helped make the events both entertaining and personable. The latter is a prevalent characteristic of both Hank and his writing. He wants to write about funny things that people can laugh about, and he believes that there is a lot of “creative ammo” at Brown and at BlogDH for him to do just that.

Images by Albie Brown ’16, Arely Diaz ’17, Jason Hu ’15, Jokichi Matsubara ’18.



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