BlogDH Presents: MaudMash


Our new Dean of the College Maud Mandel seemed a little jealous that her predecessor (and our obsession) Katherine Bergeron had a BlogDH original game named after her, BergeMash. So we decided we needed to give Dean Mandel her own game. After a genius idea from one blogger extraordinaire, we put our heads (read: Facebook comments) together and came up with MaudMash.

Here’s how it works: think of a place or building on Brown’s campus. Make it into a musical artist or band. Make it punny. Bam, you just MaudMashed. Check out the ones we’ve come up with, and as you’re walking around campus, open your Spotify (or Blogify) and come up with your own!


Main Campus

Beyonsayles Hall
Main Green Day
Gene Simmons Quad (formerly Linkin Field)
Jessie JWW
J. Walter Wilson Phillips
J. Walter Will Smith
Aqualung Family Gallery


Slater Hall and Oates
Young O the Giant
Neil Young O
Samantha Bronson

Wriston Quad

Phi Psimon and Garfunkel
D Phi-ve for Fighting
BuxTenacious D
Marina and the Dimans
Neil Diman

Athletic Complex

OMAC Miller
Willie Nelson Fitness Cetner


The Blue Man Room
Bon Jo’s-vi
Edward Sharpe Refectory
Jo’s Jonas

Science Buildings

Buddy & Holley
My Geo-Chem Romance
Sidney Frank Sinatra
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Lab


Miley SciLirus
Marvin Hay Library
A$AP Rock
Tha John Carter Brown III
John Aaron Carter Brown Library
John Jay Z
Fleetlibrarywood Mac


Thayerstreet Boys
BeneViolent Femmes
One Direction (basically all the streets on campus)

Other Places

Hillel-y Duff
Kanye West House
Lykke List
Sam Smith Buonanno
The RISD Beach Boys
Van Wicklef Jean
Doc Watson Institute
Ducksauce and Bunny
Portugal. The Horace Mann
Fleet Foxes Point
Au Bon Pandora
Power Street Garage Rock

Not places but too good to pass up

MeikleJohn Lennon
Lady Gail Gail
MPC Soundsytem
Sons of Providence featuring Josaiah, Moses and Chris Brown
Phe and Him
Imagine 2+ Chainz
Imagine 250+ Cent
The Rolling Loans

Leave your own MaudMashes in the comments!

Image by Jokichi Matsubara ’18.

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