Blogify: What Brown students actually listened to from 1982-1987

Nothing makes me happier than listening to old music and exploiting my parents for their good taste in it. Here’s what Brown students, now alums, really listened to while they were really here while doing normal things like going to the Ratty, having 5 a.m. Loui’s, and tripping balls during R.E.M.’s Spring Weekend show on Pembroke Field. If you wanna pretend you’re my parents, sharing a doobie and serenading each other in Barbour–then called “New Applebee”–in 1986, jam out to this. (Thanks for co-DJing, Mom and Dad.)


  1. Liz Soloway Snider

    Well, from 1982-1984, we listed to a LOT of Grateful Dead. And Squeeze (“Tempted”) and the Go-Gos (“We Got the Beat”), and Bow Wow Wow (“I Want Candy!). Not to mention The Doors and The Rolling Stones, like, pretty much every day, the background soundtrack to our lives. And then there was Linton Kwesi Johnson (“England is a Bitch”), and of course, The Tom Tom Club (“Pleasure of Love”) and the B-52s (“Who’s to blame when parties really get out of hand?”). Ahhh, back in the day.

  2. Alum from 80s

    I was at Brown overlapping with this time period. The joke among a few of us was that each freshman dorm room had a least one of the following three albums: Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Legend, Squeeze’s Singles – 45s and Under, and Steve Miller Band’s Greatest Hits 1974-78.

    The staples I recall mid-decade were Smiths, XTC, U2 (esp once Joshua Tree was released – you could hear it coming out of windows around campus right after Spring Break 1987), Pretenders (esp their first album), Replacements and Costello (played solo show Spring Weekend 1987) plus some of the classic rock gems from the Stones, Who, Fleetwood Mac (though their then new album, Tango In The Night, was considered awful). Finally – in 1987 The Beatles catalog was released on CD so dorm rooms quickly filled up with those LPs which meant a lot of John/Paul/George/Ringo around the campus.

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