Types of people you see in the rain

The rainy season is upon us. Blame whoever did the rain dance but, much like Shakira’s hips, the squish-squash of your steps don’t lie. Next time you go out, or observe people from your window, take a few moments to observe how your fellow Brunonians deal with the weather.

1. The “I’m cool” people

It’s not even that cold, guys. I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt and am without an umbrella — but I’m still cool. These bumps all over my arms and my legs, they’re not goosebumps. For others they might be referred to as such, but for me, they’re coolbumps.


2. The care-too-much people

Oh my, it’s raining?! I need to wake up fifteen minutes earlier to get ready. I have to layer my clothing too — my socks need socks, my jacket needs a jacket, my J’s need J’s. I should probably pack an extra umbrella. Or two. There is no such thing as being too prepared.


3. The “I love the rain!” people

It’s raining? It’s raining! Finally! There’s just something about soggy, uncomfortable jeans that I just LOVE. This is perfect weather. What? Of course I was the one who did the rain dance. By the way, you’re welcome.


4. The “Ugh. Rain.” people

Why does it have to rain? For the plants, you say? What have plants ever done for me? Soggy, uncomfortable jeans are just so soggy and uncomfortable. It’s not like I’ll even go outside today. I just don’t like the rain. At all. Ugh.


5. The “Wtf is going on?!” people (a.k.a. Californians)

What is this? The sky is crying. I’ve heard tales of this phenomenon, but I never thought that I’d see it in real life. THERE’S WIND AND RAIN AT THE SAME TIME?! I went outside to have a good time and I’m feeling so attacked right now. I’ve a feeling we’re not in California anymore. Dorothy only had to deal with a tornado, but here…


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