BlogDH Panel: #FlashbackFriday, Halloween 2k14 edition

Last year, Blog rejoiced when Halloween fell on #ThrowbackThursday. This year, we are not so fortunate: Halloween coincides with #FlashbackFriday, a watered down pseudo-version of #TBT, the classic and culturally accepted weekly Instagram holiday. We could not, however, resist getting involved in the most overkill social media-induced nostalgia trip of the year just because of the pesky Gregorian calendar…so, we have curated a BlogPanel of simpler days when Halloween wasn’t about muploading from the Whiskey Republic and out-punning your frenemies. Happy #FlashbackFriday!

Our editor-in-chief, Georgia Tollin (far left), mustache you a question.


Ari Snider musket ask you a question.10636191_10204765007432425_5135411959868083738_n

Jessica Steans-Gail, dressed as a “witch who really just wants to do arts and crafts,” rocks a mean poncho.


Hannah Pasternak was clearly a Gogol Bordello fan at a young age:


An anecdote from Albie Brown: “the principal yelled at me for 5 minutes until she finally believed that it was really just an innocent 7 foot papier-mâché nose costume.” It appears that Albie is the heir apparent to RISD’s mascot, Scrotie. 


To clarify, Tucker Iverson is the one on the left. He’s the robot with the blue nipples gold pipe-cleaner antennae. Tucker proudly notes that he “made it myself. It’s whatever.”


Kenji Endo “missed the memo about the Jabbawockeez costumes (I’m the vending machine…).”10256592_915197295159673_2180432515963868023_n 

Before Princess Kate, there was Princess Kate Storey-Fisher (middle): 10687014_10152443517349677_4227509545313326009_n


Shark Week came early that year for Alexander Kaplan:


Edith Young, an astronaut with bravado:

Photo Oct 24, 6 00 58 PM copy

After Carolyn Rachofsky mastered the Big Cat look…


…she reinvented the Halloween trope altogether. Here she is below, wearing a lion’s mask under her beard. Carolyn adds, “I‘m only posting this because I like humiliating myself.”10384025_10204443604906893_1463036536810551929_n

Brian Semel (right), a big cat of a different breed:


Sydney Mondry (right) and her cousin dressed as “bewildered lions.” Nants ingonyama bagithi baba.1457653_10204287941134303_5228001581735445081_n

Mariana Castro, looking spooOOooky: photo

Julia Elia living the life aquatic: Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 3.08.12 PM

Cindanielle-a (Danielle Perelman, far right):10392483_10203733876365794_3498074438486316952_n

Who wore it best? Superman edition: Hank WintonMark Valdez, or Neal Poole? Cast your vote in the comments box.





 Images via the BlogDailyHerald staff.

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