Poltergeists and Prose



Frost nips at your cheeks, the leaves color and die,
Sure signs that All Hallows’ Eve draws nigh.
So come closer my child, come sit next to me,
And I’ll tell you the story of one haunted university.

The school is called Brown, nothing more, nothing less.
The students one and all live in peace without stress.
But one time each year, on Halloween night,
All joy flies away, chased out by pure fright.

In University Hall ghosts and ghouls await
All who come through Van Wickle’s gate.
Paranormal apparitions from the windows do stare
So be careful, I say, and tread always with care.

Ghosts are not the only freaks at this school,
In the SciLi basement trolls holler and drool.
And Keeney, too, oh woe is me!
Such terrible vampires I never did see!

In Andrews terrible tales are etched on the wall
Of students who had such heedless gall.
Students like poor old Vincent and Pat,
Who the witches nabbed and cooked in a vat.

After sundown Wriston is a bad place to be,
The goblins will snag whoever they see.
And if they catch you they’ll be filled with glee
To sprinkle you on tomorrow’s chicken potpourri.

So, my child, this Halloween when you’re out,
Eat your garlic and choose a safe route.
And when you’re filled with fright and sensations queer,
Know that spirits of another world are near.


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