Reclaiming Your Old Halloween Costume


As October comes to a close, Brunonians are grappling with the same seemingly unanswerable question: what am I going to be for Halloween? The task of coming up with a costume that’s both original and sexi is stressful to say the least. I’ve scanned Ricky’s Halloween Superstore for inspiration and been intrigued by options like this:


And this:


And especially this:


This costume is only $100!!!

But every costume from Ricky’s is $50+, so clearly this is out of the question. (Also, the categories on their website are 20’s, 50’s, 80’s, princess, superhero, funny, and Arabian.)

There are always the costumes I can throw together at the last minute. To the black cats and the school girls, I say Been There, Done That and Never Going Back Again (okay I’ll probably go back). At this point, it’s even more hackneyed to be “a mouse, duh” (and if you had to click on that link, we can’t be friends).

As I struggle to think of what I’m going to be this Halloween, I can’t help but reminisce about the costumes of my youth. I always had the best ideas and since I had to make all of my costumes myself, I always looked great:

weirdThis is not socially acceptable.

My own foolish creativity aside, I think that standard childhood costumes deserve a comeback. Costumes that were considered totally generic and lame back in the day could be totally cool now. The costumes from our youth that were so unoriginal have almost become original. It’s time to reclaim your old Halloween costume!

1. Ghosts

When I was in the third grade, everyone and their mother was a ghost for Halloween (minus all of their mothers). No one has been a ghost in YEARS. If someone came to a party as a ghost this week, I would be initially shocked, then intrigued, then somewhat offended. But I would soon admire their creativity. They would certainly be the only ghost at the party. And all it took was a sheet! Neat!


Not all ghosts are scary.


2. Witches

Full witch costumes are hardly even sold in the adult Halloween section, which is why you’ll be the only witch at your adult Halloween party. Witches come in all different types (green, teenage, warlock) giving you plenty of options to choose from. Double, double, toil and trouble:


Mary-Kate and Ashley were the best witches ever.

3. Flesh and Blood Makeup

It is universally accepted that injuries are cool. Since you don’t have a real injury, a prosthetic one will work just fine. Fake, bloody scars are the perfect way to keep everyone at Ultra staring at you.


4. Disney Princesses that aren’t Jasmine

If you’re going to be a Disney princess, please do not be Jasmine. But Sleeping Beauty would be totally cool.


5. TV Show Characters from our Tweens

Why isn’t anyone Zack or Cody or Hannah Montana? Get a group together and be the whole cast of The Fairly Odd Parents!


6. Pirates

Jack Sparrow is a tween dream.


7. Angiosperms

I was a flower one year for Halloween and it was a GREAT idea.


Trees are a little more seasonal.

8. Winnie the Pooh

It’s ironic, right?! Because you’re sooo grown up now?


This is how you do it wrong.

9. Robots

Beep boop bop. Easy peasy.


10. Bees, Bugs, and Butterflies

Reclaim your creepy crawlies. Not all bugs are scary…


Okay, this one is terrifying.

For more ideas, just ask your mom what you were every Halloween before high school. Anything pre-puberty will do.


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