BlogDailyHerald’s Fourth Annual Halloweek Costume Contest: Results

You came, you dressed up, you conquered. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos to our Fourth Annual Halloweek Costume Contest! As always, you didn’t let the crap weather we’ve grown to know and love deter you from going all out this Hallo-week, and we loved seeing your craftiness and creativity come to light. After much deliberation and heated discussion, the editors of BlogDH finally came to a decision about who deserved to be crowned the winner. Without further delay, behold this year’s costume conquerers.


NamesSara P. ’15, Julia V. ’15, Zakary C. ’15, Jessica V. ’15, Henry W. ’15., Krishnanand K. ’15, Abi K. ’15, Jonathan N. ’15, Ali K. ’15, Caroline S. ’15, James G. ’15.
Description: Characters from the board game Candyland.

Congratulations, all – you killed the group costume game! As promised, their photos will be featured in every post that we put up today. Check out the runners up after the jump.

Most Epic Variety:

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.33.50 PM

Names: Guadalupe G., Eva G ’15, Hannah K ’15, Katherine M ’15 
Descriptions:  (Clockwise) Gimli and Legolas; The Dark Knight; The Avengers (the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America)

Most Utilitarian Costume:


Name: Will S. ’14
Description: Moaning Myrtle’s loofa

Best Beloved-Brunonian:

Roxanne A, 2015, Hazeltine  (1)

Name: Roxanne A.’15
Description: Professor Barrett Hazeltine

Most #Basic Costume:


Names: Jonathan C. ’17, Emile B. ’17, Thomas P. ’17 
Description: Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Most Likely to Pull at Your Heart Strings:


Names: (Left to right) Emma Harris ’17, Bailey McLaughlin ’17, Devon Nir ’17
Description: (Left to right) Bambi’s mom, Bambi, and the Hunter

Best Family Costume:


Names: (Left to right) Crystal Acevedo ’15, Alexis Rodriguez ’15, Elizabeth Garcia ’15, Mark Valdez ’15
Description: The Belchers of Suite 320 (from Bob’s Burgers)

Hope everyone had a great Halloweek! Only 361 days until next year!


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