BREAKING: President Paxson has a twin??

At BlogDH, we’re all about doppelgangers. We have a special doppelganger column, and we even welcomed a writer this semester who thinks that he’s Ellen DeGeneres. Thanks to a crucial news tip from a Blog alum, we have found the ultimate doppelganger pair that will shatter everything that you think you knew. We’re not sure how to conduct ourselves.

We have found a set of twins that will soon join the ranks of Mary Kate and Ashley, Tia and Tamera, and the Weasley twins if they haven’t already. We must also disclose that we’re almost positive these two people aren’t actually related. But one can dream.

Are you sitting down? Please do so before you proceed.

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 1.03.55 PMMeet President Paxson’s twin, or known to most as Amy Klobuchar, a US Senator from Minnesota (D). You recognize her name because you read her book, Uncovering the Dome, in your City Politics class. You might also know her as Minnesota’s funniest senator….or maybe you know her because she is LITERALLY CHRISTINA PAXSON WITH AN ORANGE SCARF.

These gals sport identical haircuts, have very, very similar facial structures, and seem to have the same taste in glasses. We have to ask, where does Klobuchar side on the Batman v. Spiderman debate (please say Spiderman, please say Spiderman).

We’re not really sure how to process this realization, so we decided to make a quiz.

 “Sister twins 4ever:  Christina or Amy?”

1. The first image shows one of our two contestants unamused by the idea of this quiz.


2. This sister is clearly the “fun” sister and is digging this quiz. She also seems distracted by her two trucks (?). 


3. Bet you can’t get this one.


4. The left figure is definitely a cow. But who is on the right?!


5. Looks like one sister knows that the secret is out.


6. She is not amused.


We would give you the answers, but we honestly don’t know them. We’re really counting on you to help us out.

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