Little Victories: November Edition


Little Victories is a series about the ‘small, universal pleasures’ we find around campus that make us the happiest student body in the country.

“The sharks are coming,” my professor said as he wrote down the date of the second midterm. There were audible groans from the class. As I looked around the room, I saw row after row of yawning and bleary eyed students. The semester has clearly taken its toll on the populace, and a Little Victories post seemed to be the perfect remedy to counteract this widespread malaise.

1) When there are chocolate chip pancakes in the Ratty: There are few sights as welcome as the freckled brown Ratty chocolate chip pancakes. They are the sole reason many students wake up at all on Saturdays. After one bite of this succulent culinary masterpiece, you will immediately forget all of your academic travails and worries.

2) When your meal adds up to exactly one meal credit: The current value of a meal credit is $7.05. Several fiendish mathematicians were employed in choosing this number. As any student on meal plan will attest, it is nearly impossible to utilize your points completely. Students always end up having to use additional flex points or underselling their meal credit. But once in a while, a rare and powerful analytical mind (most probably an APMA concentrator) will send the Blue Room cashiers into a frenzy by making all their purchases add up to that elusive magic number — $7.05.

3) Arch sings: It doesn’t take an audiophile to appreciate the raw talent of the multitude of Brown’s a cappella groups. And when several of these vocal powerhouses assemble under one roof arch, there’s no choice but to stop, listen and be transported to a happier place.

4.) When it stops raining as soon as you step out of class: Providence rains are chilly and miserable, a stern reminder from the heavens above that ‘winter is coming’. However, occasionally these torrential downpours abate. And sometimes the rain will stop just as you tentatively step outside of the classroom. You are expecting to be drenched but instead escape with just a few residual raindrops falling from the trees and the sun slowly coming out of hiding from behind the clouds.

5) When you’re the first person in line for TA hours: Asking for help when you’re stuck on an assignment is almost always a good idea. That’s what TAs are for – more experienced students who are ready, willing, and able to help their peers. However, other students follow the same strategy and sometimes the TA lines seem to stretch even longer than queues at the VDub on Chicken Finger Fridays. But occasionally, by some fortunate combination of fate and location, you find yourself at the head of this serpentine line. The TA gets to you almost immediately, and as you look around and see the milling crowds, you feel relieved and slightly triumphant at your unbelievable luck.

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