BlogDH Goes Abroad: Sampling the SuperBurger

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… another McDonald’s promotional product!

Fresh on the heels of their superhumanly nasty BatBurger, the McDonald’s restaurants of Hong Kong are continuing their Justice League-themed food items with the Superman Honey Mustard Chicken Burger! While it seems unlikely that the Man of Steel would choose to consume a lean white meat like chicken over more substantial red meats like beef and pork, we nonetheless sent our Hong Kong correspondent (Ed. – This is a thing now) to try the sandwich and, just like mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, get the inside scoop.

The “SuperBurger” (not quite as clever as the BatBurger, but still) can be purchased individually or with a meal that includes a bubblegum-flavored McFloat and “potato cheese balls” side. The options will run you HK $20 or $34, respectively (US $2.58/$4.39). Just like the Bat-meal, the meal comes in colorful boxes decorated with the Superman logo.

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The burger consists of two buns, a crispy chicken patty, lettuce, bacon, cheese, and honey mustard sauce. The “potato cheese balls” consist of potato balls (their exteriors possessing a hashbrown-like consistency) filled with semi-solid cheese. The McFloat is a bubblegum-flavored soda topped off with whipped cream.

The verdict? Like the entire premise of the upcoming 2016 film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, there’s really no comparison. Superman has super strength, x-ray vision, the ability to fly, and lasers literally shooting from his eyes, while Batman has… technology. Similarly, the SuperBurger, with its delicious mix of chicken, bacon, and honey mustard, blows the BatBurger’s feeble combination of beef and egg patty out of the water. Is the SuperBurger the best burger I’ve ever had, worthy of endorsement from Kal-El himself? No, but it didn’t make me want to scrub my insides out with kryptonite, which is saying something for a McDonald’s product. The chicken and honey mustard combination is always a safe bet, the bacon adds a nice crunch, and the buns—which are dusted with oats, unique for any McDonald’s burger I’ve ever tried—provide a less-processed flavor than your typical Big Mac.

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The sides are similarly unbalanced. Interestingly enough, both dishes involve potatoes and cheese, which is kind of weird when you realize that potatoes and cheese are two of the least superhero-esque foods in existence. Still, the potato cheese balls, while not exactly terrific, are at least relatively edible, whereas the squeezy cheese fries from the BatBurger were difficult to even swallow.

But alas! Superman has his weaknesses, and his meal is no exception. Just as the apple green tea was the lone exception to the overall nastiness of the Batman-themed meal, the bubblegum McFloat is the exception to the superior Superman spread. It’s difficult to adequately describe how disgustingly artificial this beverage tastes, although the reader can probably get something of an idea from its electric-blue coloration and the fact that its flavor is “bubblegum.”

Alas, now we can only wait with bated breath for McDonald’s next Hong Kong Justice League offering. Will it be the Green Lantern Chicken McNuggets? The Wonder Woman Filet-O-Fish? Or perhaps the Flash McRib? Only time will tell, as the rest of the world looks on with jealousy at the superhuman array of limited-edition meals Hong Kongers are currently enjoying.

Images via Liam Trotzuk ’16.

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