BrownConnect and what it means for your job search

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If you haven’t read President Paxson’s email or The Herald‘s article about it yet, the BrownConnect website officially launched today. The site, which was proposed as a part of President Paxson’s strategic plan, is designed to give students the best opportunities possible in order to build on their education during the summer. Whether that means an internship in San Francisco or research on College Hill, there’s now a single place for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to consult in order to help them navigate through what can be a very stressful process.

BrownConnect’s design will certainly help its cause. After logging in like you would to any other Brown website (Canvas, the JIB, etc.), you will see a crisp red, gray, and brown home page with portals for both current students and alumni. I wonder where they got the color scheme from? Anyway, once you enter the student side of the site, you can search directly for internships, alumni connections, and funding opportunities. Alternatively, you could take a look at one of the featured positions below the search bar.

One of the biggest changes that BrownConnect will bring is the series of “Bruno” internships. The site defines these as:

Quality opportunities provided by Brown alumni and parents who have a special interest in helping Brown students. These internships will offer students an opportunity to leverage their Brown connection and an added advantage in the recruiting/hiring process. The Bruno internships will be tagged with the Brown shield to distinguish the position as one or more of the following:

  • Exclusive to Brown students
  • Preference is given to a Brown applicant
  • The position is posted by an alumnus/a or a parent of Brown student
  • A signature program created by Brown community (alumni, parents, staff and/or faculty) specifically for Brown students

These could become a major resource for students in the future. To check those out, click “advanced search” on the search bar. Though there are only four such full-time summer internships currently listed, that number will surely increase as the site develops and as parents and alumni contribute more over time.

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Most of all, BrownConnect truly does provide “one stop shopping” for resources that were before scattered across many different places. If you’re trying to figure out what to do for a summer, you probably are looking at possible internships, funding opportunities, and people with whom you can network from the Brown community. Before BrownConnect, you had to go to the JIB, UFUNDS, and BRUNet respectively to search for each of those.

Though the jury obviously is still out on just how different an experience BrownConnect provides, its design and support system certainly have set it up for success. If you have any questions on how it works, there’s a “stop and chat” session that you can go to at 5 p.m. in the Ratty today. Happy job hunting!

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