The warmest places to hide this weekend

Do not be deceived by this week’s unseasonable warmth. If you’ve checked the forecast for this weekend, you know that it’s going to be really cold outside. Coping with the freezing weather is no easy task, so here’s my guide to some of the warmest spots on campus for those moments when you just can’t deal.

bio-med vents

10/10 would stand under.

The vents outside the Bio-Med Center. Ever wondered about those peculiar structures on the patio of the Bio-Med Center? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure of their purpose, though they definitely give off a ton of heat (especially the one closer to Brown Street). If you’re ever strolling on Meeting Street and feel like you might freeze to death, make a beeline for these vents. The air is super warm, and their alcove-like structures block most of the frigid wind.

pembroke hall vent

Yes, please.

Behind Pembroke Hall (vents part 2). Leaving a meeting in Smitty B and can’t handle the awful weather, or need that extra push to make it to Andrews? Stop by the back of Pembroke Hall, where you’ll find a gorgeous vent pumping out warm air like it’s nobody’s business. This particular vent’s unique shape is perfect for heating your entire body.

friedman auditorium

Who knew academia could be so HOT?

Friedman Auditorium, Metcalf Research Building. Despite its sleek design and its 210-seat capacity, the lecture hall in Metcalf is surprisingly cozy. Sure, snooping around an empty lecture hall on a weekend might seem a bit creepy, and sure, there’s no guarantee that the building will be unlocked, but if you’re able to sneak in, it’ll be worth it!


Building or incubator?

J. Walter Wilson. For some reason, JWW is surprisingly hot. The lobby is especially toasty, and there’s plenty of seating near the windows to provide you with extra warmth when the sun’s out.


Putting the “hot” in hot dish since 1951.

The Ratty. Although it isn’t as brutally humid as it was during Orientation, the Ratty is still arguably the hottest on-campus dining hall. If you’re feeling especially cold, hang out by the radiators. They’ll warm you right up!

dance party

Turn up (the thermostat)!

Any (over)crowded party venue. If it’s a Friday or Saturday night and you’re looking to get your sweat on, head over to any one of the many overcrowded party venues on Brown’s campus (i.e. frat houses, program houses, or dorms). The body heat is nasty sure to warm you right up in a matter of seconds. Plus, these spots are usually great for socializing, so you can make new friends while you enjoy the heat!


Bae. <3.

If you don’t feel like going outside at all (which is totally understandable), I’d recommend sitting in front of your radiator. You can’t go wrong with this straightforward approach. And if you’re hungry but can’t bear the thought of trekking through the cold to a dining hall, take advantage of the plethora of nearby restaurants that will deliver delicious food right to your dorm. You’ll never have to leave the warmth of your bed again!

With that, I’ll leave you with one more relevant 2000s jam:

Stay warm, Brunonia!

Images via Kevin Haggerty ’18 and via.

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