Blue Room creates Pumpkin Spice Challenge Part Deux

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And this time, you were all invited to take part.

Remember when we did a little pumpkin spice challenge? Remember when we sacrificed our bodies and minds to the gods of flavored coffee syrup and fall-y flavors? We thought we were done after taste testing any and all things pumpkin on College Hill. But BDS and our little seasonally spirited friends over at the Blue Room couldn’t help but giving us one more challenge before the season of peppermint and gingerbread kicks in into high gear. We can pretend that after our last PSC (Pumpkin Spice Challenge), we said we’d never even look at anything pumpkin again. However, we will go ahead and admit that we’d never make a claim like that, and if we ever did, it would be a straight up lie.

4 pm yesterday was one of the most glorious moments of the semester. Not only were meal credits accepted at the Blue Room, but the pumpkin shop was open for business. Here’s a review of what we ate so that all who missed this once in a lifetime opportunity can live vicariously through BlogDH’s pumpkin beat reporters.



This sign is like a gateway to heaven.

This sign is like a gateway to heaven.

1. Pumpkin cheese roll

We were really excited to dig our forks into this swirly goodness. Perhaps a bit too excited. Upon taking our first bites, we realized that we had once again come face-to-face with the problem of people trying to pull off plain cream cheese filling as a fall flavor, a la Au Bon Pain’s pastries. The r0ll could have been saved had the cake tasted at all pumpkin-y, but it unfortunately just vaguely tasted like cinnamon. Had this treat been re-labeled “cinnamon cheese roll,” we probably would have enjoyed it more; our tastebuds aren’t too fond of betrayal.

2. Pumpkin pie

Just your classic pumpkin pie. The filling was more gelatinous and less creamy than we’d have liked it to be, but it did still manage to fill the pie void in our lives. We ended up deconstructing the crust (the best part, duh) and using it as a vessel for the whipped cream on top. It was the kind of pie where you tasted it, said “this really isn’t that good and is kind of weird,” but still felt the inclination to keep tasting it in the hopes it would next time be better. Unfortunately, it never really got better. 🙁

3. “Pumpkin trifle!!!” (featuring Blue Room pumpkin muffins, Giffords of Maine pumpkin and caramel caribou ice cream, pumpkin spice syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles on top)


YAAASSS (that’s what all the kids are saying these days, right?). This trifle did not disappoint, and Al, the man serving up the dessert of our dreams, was super friendly to boot. The pumpkin and caramel ice creams blended together in beautiful harmony (the caramel has chunky, sweet caramel clusters in it which were SO GOOD), and melted perfectly into the spongy pockets of the sacred BR pumpkin muffin. We have chills just thinking about it. Our only complaint is that the pumpkin syrup drizzled over the pumpkin muffin was a touch too sweet, and made the muffin a little too soggy, but we’re willing to overlook that flaw in exchange for another trifle…

Not featured, but offered: Spiced pumpkin bisque, pumpkin cheesecake (we should’ve gone for the cheesecake).

Featured: the aftermath.



Images via Sydney Mondry ’15 and Hannah Pasternak ’17.

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