Academics at Brown, as explained by Beyoncé’s new music video

Last night, Beyoncé once again shocked the nation by dropping the music video to a brand-new single, “7/11.” The song is a total jam and the video is an instant classic, featuring Beyoncé dancing around a hotel with her crew and being generally flawless. In the spirit of this exciting and incredible new release, here is the average Brown student’s academic life as explained by the “7/11” music video:


When you literally cannot study anymore.

 1. Rolling up to classes before you’ve had your coffee.

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2. Rolling up to classes after you’ve had your coffee.


3. Participating in class when you did the reading.


4. Participating in class when you didn’t do the reading.

When the professor

5. Getting the right answer.


6. When people disagree with you during in-class discussions.

When someone else makes a really good point.

7. When someone else in your class makes an excellent point.


8. When you have absolutely no idea what’s going on.


9. When you’re making an insightful comment.

When you're heading to class and you know you look good.

10. Leaving class after finding out you did well on an assessment.


11. ” Studying with friends on a Friday night.”


12. “Doing homework.”


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