BREAKING: Gourmet Heaven to close its doors forever tonight

Protests at Yale that led to GHeav closing

Protests at Yale that led to GHeav closing

It’s official: one blogger has just confirmed with the staff of Gourmet Heaven that tonight is our last night with Gourmet Heaven. It’s not that surprising the establishment would have to close down, given the controversies that have surrounded the food store franchise: Chung Cho, the owner of the two Providence and New Haven branches, faced wage-theft charges earlier this year.

Following protests on Yale’s campus, the university announced that the New Haven branches would be closing in 2015, as both are housed in Yale-owned property. Now, the Providence branch is following suit. We’ll stay away from depressing conclusions that could be made here, about how even Heavens are corrupt these days, and how naive we were. Basically, you have just a few more hours to get ripped off spend your money at GHeav. But beware, or just think twice, about where that money is going, although it won’t be going there much longer…

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