Best places to take a midday nap

Finals are upon us, which means long, sad nights studying (or crying) in the Rock or SciLi and resulting sleep deprivation. Though it’s unquestionable Brown needs a designated nap-room, here are some prime spots to catch a few Z’s in the midst of finals period.

A Blue Room booth

IMG_6175 copy

Though it’s debatably unacceptable to hog a coveted Blue Room booth all to yourself, one of them makes a great, albeit noisy, mid-day nap spot. It fulfills my general life rule to never stray too far from the nearest source of muffins.

Chairs in the SciLi basement

The kidney bean-shaped grey alien chairs in the Friedman Study Center seem designed perfectly for a low-key snooze. The soft suede and gentle curve of the seat gives your body a comforting embrace.

List Art Center couches

Though not as modern or soothing as the SciLi basement’s chairs, the couches on the low trafficked second floor of List provide a comfortable, quiet place to take a quick nap.

A lecture hall

Tired of fighting off the urge to sleep in class? Take an intentional nap in a lecture hall to give into your natural desire to slump down in your seat, cradle your head on the backrest, and doze off for a bit. Any lecture hall will do, but the Salomon 101 balcony is dark and generally empty. Schedule your nap during a random class of interest, and maybe a little bit of Neuro or Art History will pay you a visit in your dreams.

Andrews Commons couches

IMG_6187 copy

The red floral couches and chairs by the windows in Andrews Commons are heavenly squashy. As Andrews is usually quite noisy, maybe acquire some fashionable foam ear plugs to fully experience this nap spot.

Leung Family Gallery couches

Take a peaceful cat nap in this unofficial absolute quiet study spot on the second level of Faunce, as the Leung family comfortingly watches over you from their portrait on the wall above.


IMG_6167 copy

The Absolute Quiet Room in the Rock is a favorite nap spot for many. Take a study break cat nap in one of the AQR’s plush chairs, though try not to snore, or cough, breathe, or exist too loudly.

Study cave in the Ratty

Though usually noisy and high-trafficked, like the Blue Room, the wall booths or center donut-shaped booth in the Ratty’s front alcove or the squashy blue couches in the Sports cave have napping potential. This nap spot fulfills my second general life rule to never wander too far from the closest source of waffle fries.

Sarah Doyle Center lounge

The Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, located across the street from Keeney, has a gallery and lounge with comfortable couches and throw pillows, warmed by light streaming in through the windows. The Sarah Doyle Center welcomes students for tea and cookies some weekends, a perfect studying reprieve. Check their Facebook page for upcoming events.

The Henry Moore statue 

IMG_6193 copy

Though the Main Green is quite cold this time of year, the Henry Moore statue, aptly titled Reclining Figure No. 2, provides a nice, cold pedestal to take a snooze on. Brave the elements, and let the world see how tired you are. It is finals week, after all.

Sweet dreams, Brunonia!

Images via Kenji Endo ’18.

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