BUDS Presents: Korean BBQ with Mai Pham


Brown Dining Services has debuted yet another specialty at Andrews Commons: Korean BBQ. Head Chef Mai Pham, who has partnered with Andrews Commons to produce some of our favorites like Pho and Stir-fry, has wowed us again with a new meal. Pham is a James Beard award winning Pan Asian chef who was on site last night to help prepare and serve the delicacies. Her work brought to life flavors of Korea, and it was truly a pham-tastic night (sorry, I couldn’t resist throwing that in there).

In seriousness, though, the night seemed to be a success. I arrived a couple minutes before the event started at 5 so I could exploit my press privileges to get to the front of the line snap a few photos and check out what they had to offer. Even before it started people began gathering and the Commons had some festive decorations around the stir-fry station. The first thing that sparked my interest was the steak they were preparing – it looked perfectly cooked and smelled good. I was excited to start eating.

By the time 5 o’clock rolled around, there was already a line to the door. Thankfully, because of strategic positioning, I was the second person in line and I got my food right away. The meal came with rice, steak, chicken, noodles, sautéed veggies, pickled carrots, kimchi, and a cucumber salad.


My initial thoughts were: This looks good. Lots of veggies. Not a lot of meat. I want more meat.

Besides the lack of meat (did I forget to say that I wanted more meat?), everything tasted great. The variety of vegetables ranged from sautéed and savory to pickled and acidic, and went well with the different kinds of meat. My personal favorites were the cucumber salad and steak, both of which seemed to be the most frugally served. I would definitely have tried to get seconds, if not for the facts that I can count my remaining meal credits on my fingers and the line was snaking around the dining area.


From what I saw, most people in the Commons were enjoying their food, and the event was well-attended. If you ask me, the meal was good, and Mai Pham won Mai heart (sorry again for the bad pun).


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