BlogDH Presents: Fall 2014 Cubicle Superlatives!

As you’re probably well-aware, finals season is in full swing. It’s time for the University’s study resources to shine, so in honor of the many long hours we’re all spending in libraries, here are BlogDH’s official Fall 2014 Cubicle Superlatives! (This is definitely a thing that is real.)


Most beautiful: Main Reading Room, the Rock. Brand-new to the University, the Rock’s main reading room features several cubicles that can only be described as undeniably sexy. Just look at those partitions. And the chairs are so ergonomic…swoon.


Most artistic: RISD Library. I mean, the RISD library is literally an art school library. It doesn’t get much more artistic than that.


Cutest couple: SciLi, 13th floor. Look at that configuration–they’re truly lovers intertwined. So adorable.


Cradle robber (lol): Arnold Lounge. Nestled in between Archibald/Bronson and Everett/Poland houses, Arnold Lounge and its cubicles clearly preying on freshmen. Some might even go so far as to call them cubi-cougars.


Cubicle not to mess with: The stacks, basement of the Rock. Especially at night, these cubicles are intense. You’d better watch yourself.


Renaissance cubicle: Orwig Music Library. Well-rounded, old-school, and home to everything from maps of Europe to a vast musical collection, the cubicles in Orwig Music Library truly have it all.


Most spirited: Basement of the SciLi. There’s always a lot of buzz in the basement of the SciLi, and you’ll definitely find plenty of frantic studying excitement, whether you’re in the 50-decibel zone or the 20-decibel zone!


Unsung hero: Providence Athenaeum. Not many Brown students go to the Providence Athenaeum, an awesome study spot just one block west of the Rock. The cubicles here are secluded, old-school, and very conducive to productive study sessions.


Most stylish: SciLi, third floor. Third-floor cubicles in the SciLi are certainly dressed to impress. Just look at that impeccable design.


Most mysterious: Annmary Brown Memorial. Although it technically doesn’t have any cubicles, the Annmary Brown Memorial deserves a shoutout for being a seriously creepy study spot. Maybe I’ve been watching too much American Horror Story lately, but I definitely got some haunted vibes when I walked in. To add to the mystery, campus folklore cautions first-years against entering all three of Brown’s sacred libraries (one of which is the Annmary Brown Memorial).


Most likely to trigger mental breakdowns: The stacks, SciLi. Life gets all too real when you’re in the stacks of the SciLi.

Well, there you have it. Congratulations to all of the winners, and happy studying!

Images via Kevin Haggerty ’18.

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