Hey ResLife, it’s everyone who studied abroad last semester

You don't know what you got 'til it's gone.

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

Hey ResLife,

It’s us – the students that went abroad in the fall semester. Unfortunately, we need to talk.

While we’ve been away, we’ve traveled around the world, and we can’t pretend it’s not bittersweet to be going back to Brown. On the upside, at least we’re going back to stability: no more living out of suitcases, or wondering what conditions tomorrow’s hostel will bring. No, we are returning to a campus where we know we have a place – where we know that we’re wanted back.

Oh wait, never mind.

Actually, we still don’t know where we will be living in approximately five days time. After months of transit, it doesn’t seem like we’re so welcome home after all. In fact, the Storage Center of Providence is skeptical that we’re even returning, because we haven’t told them where to deliver our boxes (Matt Degulis, if you’re reading this, we’re truly sorry for the inconvenience).

Not only has this been a worse state of limbo than where Leo DiCaprio found himself in Inception (wait – if we jump out of window, will we wake up in a dorm in Providence?), but according to your email this morning, we should be exploring our off-campus options in the next 24 hours. This is rather absurd, considering Brown policy states that no student who went abroad in the fall can live off-campus in the following spring. But, hey, thanks for the 24-hour heads up to start calling landlords, and we really appreciate that we will still get charged an off-campus fee!

Email received January 12th

Email received January 12th

It sounds like at the moment, we may not even have rooms at Brown. *If you need creative suggestions for housing next term, see this post.*

Now sweetheart, we know that things have been stressful for you in Grad Center E. This isn’t meant to be a flog, but we filled out our housing preference forms in late November, and you haven’t even called since? If you don’t want us back, grow up and say it to our faces (and pay for our respective plane tickets for another semester abroad). Or, realistically, send us an email to let us know that things are running behind schedule, but we shouldn’t stress.

We’re not just numbers, we’re people – young people at that. Not all of our home situations are ideal, and we’d like to count on Brown to provide pleasant housing arrangements. This does not only apply to where we end up, but also to the process. T-minus 5 days and no information does not fit that bill. For years, mid-year housing has been a…well it’s been a clusterfuck, to put it bluntly. Please, just let us know what we can do – because as of now I’m shopping for durable tents to pitch on Main Green.

Housing for Spring 2015

Housing for Spring 2015


Displaced Study Abroad People


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  1. Brown student

    Yet another example of the extraordinary incompetence fostered over there in Grad Center E by ResLife. They can’t seem to get anything right.

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