New Dorm Debacle: Goodbye Lounges

Vartian Gregorian B 352

If this looks familiar, it’s because it was your lounge last semester -Vartian Gregorian B 352

A little before 5 p.m. EST on January 13th, the majority of students returning from semesters abroad were assigned rooms via ResLife. They received everything from singles in Grad Center to doubles, triples, and quads in various buildings with randos roommates they were not previously acquainted with. A select number of students were assigned to *triples* in Vartan Gregorian Quad (New Dorm A and B): rooms that were previously lounges.

The unfortunate souls placed in these *triples* were told by ResLife that the situation is “temporary.” However, the email relaying that information read:

Please note this space is a temporary room, as permanent space becomes available over the remaining weeks of August the office of Residential Life will work with you to relocate.”

August? It seems like that was copy + pasted from previous summer assignment emails.

New Dorm B 352:

B352 3

In contrast to buildings like Wayland and Hope College (which frequently have their lounges occupied), in New Dorm, each floor’s lounge also doubles as the floor’s kitchen. As of now, only the fourth floor kitchens in buildings A and B remain unoccupied, and available for cooking. Sans meal plan residents are naturally concerned about preparing food next semester.

New Dorm A 355:

A355 3        A355 4

Doors that had windows facing the hallway appear to have been boarded up with painted plywood,to ensure privacy. The refrigerator in A355 still had food in it.

A255 1

A355 1

Nicolas Schank ’16 discovered the current situation upon moving back into New Dorm B. Schank returned to campus early for TA duties, and shared some of his findings on the Brown 2016 Facebook page. An electronic angry mob ensued.


Schank was kind enough to supply BlogDH with these pictures, all of which were taken in unlocked spaces.

Some on Facebook suggested a petition, angry phone calls, or mailing ResLife glitter. If as an individual, you are concerned about your temporary housing, you should call. As of now, people in other temporary situations who contacted ResLife have been offered moving services to aid in their eventual transition to a permanent dorm.

Images via Nicolas Schank ’16, and Facebook.


  1. '15

    Yeah this ish is wild and keeps getting worse. I have had more issues and conflicts with reslife than most i hazard, and its so easy to blame them. Sometimes its their fault. Sometimes its not. It always comes down on the students tho. Nevertheless, i would challenge anybody to do a better job juggling all this madness. Honestly with browns limited space, guarantee of housing, peoples presumptions of getting a single after sophomore year, and the disparity between the number of students who go abroad in the fall vs the number who go in the spring, it seems like an unanswerable problem, at least in the short term.

  2. Anonymous

    This is interesting. I doubt many (if any) Brown students shared a bedroom with two siblings (or others) while in high school. That these triples will be shared by strangers introduces even more spice to the mix. This arrangement might not be particularly conducive to sound sleeping, effective studying, or discreet romancing.

    Why not turn it up a notch and use bunk beds to convert these triples to a six person barrack / summer camp experience? Sweet kitchens, though!

  3. Crazy Solution

    What if more people were allowed to live off campus so then there would be enough rooms? Crazy, I know.

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