Sans Meal Plan: Broiled grapefruit with honey and brown sugar

grapefruit 1

My housemates and I put off our homework got creative this week and made an impromptu dessert dish. Our pantry just happened to have a surplus of grapefruits on the verge of rotting because they’re, like, really pretty. This recipe for broiled grapefruit with honey and brown sugar is almost mundanely easy, but it sounds fancy and impressive. (Confession: I had to Google what the broil setting on an oven exactly does.) Regardless, if you’re a fan of contrasting flavors and nutritional value, this recipe is for you.


  • ALL the grapefruits
  • Brown sugar (a sprinkles-worth for each half)
  • Honey (a drizzles-worth for each half)


Pre-heat your broiler. Split grapefruits in half and set on a baking tray or oven-proof pan. Sprinkle/drizzle the grapefruits with brown sugar and honey to taste.

grapefruits 2

Place the halves under the broiler for about 3 minutes depending on how bubbly and broiled(?) you’d like them. The edges might even turn a little brown or even black–who needs creme brûlée when you can eat a grapefruit? Happy broiling!grapefruits 3


grapefruits 4

Images via Katie Bright ’16. 

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