Hardy ‘Fox & Friends’ non-veterans call out Herald ROTC columnist for disinterest in becoming a veteran

Fox News simply can’t get enough of Brown!

After repeated visits from Bill O’Reilly’s errand boy/Barack Obama contributor Jesse Watters, they’ve handed the Brown coverage baton over to none other than the friendly friends of Fox & Friends, everyone’s favorite 3/10 IMDB-rated morning news program.

The Fox & Friends team, consisting of Steve “Fox” Doocy, Elisabeth “Friend” Hasselbeck, and Eric “I’m just here so Friends can be pluralized” Bolling, lampooned a Herald column by Peter Mahklouf ’16–that’s Mac-loff to you, courtesy of Mr. Doocy–that in no uncertain terms denounced Brown’s decision to partner with the Navy and Air Force ROTC programs. In fact, it pretty much denounced the entire United States military and any attachment to it.

Far be it from Blog’s modus operandi to take a political stance on what is, to be sure, a pretty damn divisive Herald column (with a predictably entertaining Disqus discussion) but we just thought we’d leave the clip here. Enjoy!

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