How do Brown students deal with the hair down there?

It started with a quest to answer the question: is the bush reemerging as a trend at Brown? It developed into an extensive investigation into the norms and preferences surrounding pubic hair on campus. Last week, we distributed a survey about the “hair down there” to a bunch people via Facebook. We got 300 responses and this Valentine’s day, we present to you. . . the results!





There were some surprises, like 75% of students admitting that pubic hair can be sexy (which is awesome)! Other end products were more expected, i.e. the gender gap between expectations for hair removal when it came to the likelihood of receiving oral sex. Overall, we’ll leave it to the readers to decide whether Brown lived up to its progressive reputation in regards to this subject.

 Images via Jason Hu ’15 and Albie Brown 16.


  1. This is incredibly fucked up. Can’t believe this is in a Brown University publication.

  2. bob

    Any reason why this didn’t make the print version and only the online?

  3. Kelly Cuoco

    I think this article is very cissexist in its treatment of partners being only defined as female or male.

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