The college movie Oscars

The Oscars are behind us, and wow, what a ride. We at BlogDailyHerald’s unofficial Academy, however, noticed a disconnect between the people with whom we were watching and the show — none had seen the majority of the nominees. While this didn’t matter for categories like “Best Documentary Short,” people were saltier than Skewers’ horrible pita chips over Boyhood‘s loss, if they had yet to see Birdman. Therefore, we decided to create our own Academy Awards featuring college-themed films: because everyone loves a good college movie. The nominated films and our predictions are as follows…

Best Picture



21 & Over
22 Jump Street
Animal House
Legally Blonde
Old School
Pitch Perfect
Social Network


There are lots of worthy movies in the running for best college movie of all time, but one movie clearly stands head and shoulders above the pack. The case for the others: 21 & Over features Miles Teller at his most charismatic; 22 Jump Street makes us cry with laughter upon each viewing; Accepted’s premise is hilarious and well-executed; Legally Blonde, though technically a law school movie, features the smartest lead character and tons of memorable moments (bend and snap anyone?); Neighbors has Rogen’s schlub up against Efron’s ultimate bro; Old School makes Will Ferrell streak through the quad and it invented “earmuffs”; Pitch Perfect has Fat Amy; and, the Social Network nearly won Best Picture at the (real) Oscars. All these films owe a great deal, however, to Animal House: the OG of university films. Upon rewatching, this movie feels like it could have been made within the last decade, and the toga party scene still stands as the best-ever party scene (besides maybe Project X). Eminently quotable quotes, impossible to replicate performances, and memorable hijinks, all add up to make Animal House the gold standard of college movies, and very deserving of the Best Picture Oscar.

Winner: Animal House

Runner-Up: Legally Blonde

Best Actor



Miles Teller – 21 & Over
Jonah Hill/Channing Tatum – 22 Jump Street
Justin Long – Accepted
Nick Cannon – Drumline
Adam Sandler – Waterboy


If all else were equal, the Academy would probably go with Miles Teller in 21 & Over for his über charismatic, witty and charming performance. If all else were equal, the Academy might reward Nick Cannon for his role as a drummer before Teller made it cool. If all else were equal, Justin Long might get recognition for creating his own college in Accepted, or Adam Sandler would get an award for knowing all about the medulla oblongata.

But all else is not equal because Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum exist. ‘Nuff said.

Winner: Jonah Hill/Channing Tatum — 22 Jump Street

Runner-Up: Miles Teller — 21 & Over


Best Actress



Raven-Symoné – College Road Trip
Reese Witherspoon – Legally Blonde
Anna Kendrick – Pitch Perfect
Leighton Meester – The Roommate
Amanda Bynes – Sydney White


We would not like to be in this category! Five master thespians, who do you choose? Given the academy’s proclivity for rewarding drama over comedy, you might assume Meester is the presumptive favorite, but we’re not so sure. Raven-Symoné, whose name is apparently hyphenated and accented, is a comedic wunderkind in College Road Trip, but the film doesn’t have enough widespread acclaim for her to be a hands-down winner. Bynes and Kendrick both carry their respective movies in different ways, but all four nominees must bow down to the queen of college (by way of Harvard Law): Elle Woods.

Winner: Reese Witherspoon — Legally Blonde

Runner-Up: Raven-Symoné — College Road Trip


Best Supporting Actor



Will Ferrell – Old School
Dave Franco – Neighbors
John Belushi – Animal House
Jonah Hill – Accepted
Alan Ritchson – Blue Mountain State
Andrew Garfield – The Social Network


Six Five guys in their prime, absolutely stealing scenes in the movie they aren’t really starring in. Unfortunately, the clear winner was disqualified because Blue Mountain State is not a film (yet!). If we’re being real, Thad is probably the best college character of all time, perhaps because we’ve spent so much more time with him. Andrew Garfield’s boyish/vampire-esque face could take the cake on this one (even if his character is a total drip), but his failure to secure a third Spiderman movie takes him out of the running. Belushi is great, but his role might not even be a supporting one. Thus-ly, it is between the two F’s, Franco and Ferrell. Both supporting men have secret smarts and gorgeous manes, but only one had the courage to go streaking through the quad and into the gymnasium.

Winner: Will Ferrell — Old School

Runner-Up: Dave Franco — Neighbors


Best Supporting Actress



Kathy Bates – Waterboy
Jennifer Coolidge – Legally Blonde
Lisa Kudrow – Neighbors
Jillian Bell – 22 Jump Street
Rebel Wilson – Pitch Perfect


Wow. What a powerhouse group of women. Kudrow is hilarious but probably doesn’t have enough screen time to warrant the coveted BlogDH Oscar statuette. Bates or Coolidge would be the sentimental choices with Coolidge having a slight edge due to Bates’ actual Oscar. But we don’t deal in sentimentality, we deal in awards. That leaves us with Jillian Bell versus Rebel Wilson, two blondes who don’t take sh*t from anyone. Ultimately, this heavyweight decision comes down to the sexual tension-loaded fight between Bell and Jonah Hill, giving her the edge over Wilson.

Winner: Jillian Bell – 22 Jump Street

Runner-Up: Rebel Wilson – Pitch Perfect


Best Animated Feature



An Extremely Goofy Movie
Monsters University


Animated feature basically comes down to two distinct nominees. This is probably because animated movies are usually for children and college humor is decidedly not for children. The first, Monsters U, is an instant classic with our heroes joining the fraternity Oozma Kappa, which we have been informed is not nationally recognized. The second is a heartwarming story about Goofy having to let his skateboarding son, Max, go off to college without him. While you have to love Goofy and his laugh, this one has to go to Pixar, which really doesn’t ever lose Best Animated Feature.

Winner: Monsters University

Runner Up: An Extremely Goofy Movie


Best Screenplay



Good Will Hunting
The Great Debaters
The Social Network
Larry Crowne


This category is made up of more serious films; it’s intended to please the serious college-movie theater goers. Unfortunately for notorious flop Larry Crowne, two of these screenplays already won an Academy Award, making them the obvious choices. It’s an easy decision though; everyone loves a little Ben Affleck/Matt Damon action (including Neil Patrick Harris). For more information on how these two studs wrote their screenplay, check out Mindy Kaling’s play “Matt & Ben.” For the winner, see below.

Winner: Good Will Hunting

Runner Up: The Social Network


Best Sports Film



We Are Marshall
Old School

This category is made up of two football movies and Old School which, thanks to the rhythmic gymnastics scene at the end, definitely meets the criteria for “Sports Film.” We Are Marshall is McConaughey at his finest, and Rudy is pre-Samwise Gamgee Sean Astin at his finest. Old School, however, is one of the best college movies of all time, and its mere inclusion in this category gives it the nod over the other two.

Winner: Old School

Runner Up: Rudy


Best Party (High School and College)



21 & Over – Tower of Power
Project X – The Whole Party
Old School – Snoop Dogg Concert
Animal House – Toga Party
Neighbors – Hot House


Who doesn’t love a good college party and/or high school party scene? It’s the perfect way to remind you that you must be a huge loser because you’ve literally NEVER been to a party that’s ever looked anything like that. The best party category is the ultimate way to feel life — FOMO, which is why the 94 minutes that is Project X takes the cake.

Winner: Project X

Runner-Up: Neighbors


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