Sextion: Spring break edition


Vacation is not real life. You eat whatever you want; drink beverages that easily have over 500 calories; and lay around doing nothing for hours (what reading?). Therefore, vacation is the perfect time for a no-strings attached, purely fun hook up with someone you honestly will probably never see again. Yet, a problem that arises: without your friends and/or a space you already know (a.k.a. not Whiskey or my friend’s house/dorm party), how do you meet someone you can get down and dirty with? Just like our packing list, let’s lay out the necessities in advance.

Tinder: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Tinder is great. Tinder is even better, though, on vacation, as it enables you to peruse so many options from the comfort of your hotel/hostel bed. During an extraordinarily boring spring break with my family last year, I started chatting with Will, a recent college graduate and aspiring singer/songwriter. After a day or two of texting, he asked if I wanted to hang out. I invited him over to my hotel, where we went for a night swim and hooked up in a cabana. Mission accomplished, and all it took was a swipe right.


Other college kids: If you’re going to Cancun/Cabo/Puerto Vallarta/Puerto Rico/Miami, there will be other college kids on spring break. Guaranteed. No matter what time of the year, Spring Breakers will be present. Just like when you go visit your friends at other schools, the chance to shed your persona and your history and latch onto someone hot and new is a rare pleasure. With everyone in bikinis and swim shorts, you’re sure to find someone (or 20 people) who catches your eye.


Bars: New place, new bars/clubs for you to go to! Forget the GCB or Ultra for a few days: it’s all about embracing the local nightlife. One spring break evening at a “disco” in Paris last year, I met the sexiest, most charming man with whom I had the most exciting sex of my life. Ooh la la! Spring break is the time to be your flirtiest, most uninhabited you, so let loose and get down with your bad self.


Whether you’re going home, staying in Providence, or traveling somewhere new, spring break flings are like spring break itself: a perfect respite from life at Brown and a time that is supposed to be fun and restorative. So, let go of some of that work-related stress and just have a blast. Can’t wait to hear all about it when we get back!


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