Brown’s original Brick Squad excited for Flocka performance

Most of us are thrilled that 1017 Brick Squad Records is sending its very own Wacka Flocka Flame to this year’s Spring Weekend. But few people are aware that Brown actually has its own Brick Squad. You won’t find them on iTunes because they aren’t musicians. They are buildings. Let’s meet them.


Don’t let those pretty windows fool you: Smitty Beast is one of the brickiest buildings on campus. Just look at all those bricks. Wow.


When it comes down to sheer guap, no one has more bricks than the Biomedical Center. Cells may be the building blocks of life, but bricks are the building blocks of the Biomed Center.


Andrews Dining Commons has started composting, but those bricks are forever. Though Andrews probably doesn’t have as many bricks as the Biomed Center, it is undoubtedly classier.


Little Stoner here has been trying to join the Brick Squad for years, but it cannot change the fact that it is made of rocks. Maybe next year they’ll bring the Rolling Stones to SW, then you’ll show ’em.

Images via Ari Snider ’18.

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