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The hottest news of the day is Trevor Noah, who was announced this morning as Jon Stewart’s replacement on The Daily ShowGrantland has a great piece on everything you need to know about him. And to get a taste of his comedic chops, check out one of his previous spots on The Daily Show, “Spot the Africa.”

Another trending topic this week is political correctness and safe spaces on college campuses, sparked by Judith Shulevitz’s article “In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas” in The New York Times. The piece begins at Brown–because, after all, where else does the media turn when trying to portray liberalism gone rampant? Shulevitz’s article was criticized by many, in the Brown community and beyond, as insensitive and missing the point. The backlash is best encapsulated by Slate‘s “Are College Campuses Really in the Thrall of Leftist Censors?

Politico‘s “Michelle Obama, Race and the Ivy League” looks at how the First Lady’s experiences at elite, and predominantly white, educational institutions–Princeton and Harvard Law School–shaped her into the woman she is today.

For this week’s dose of cultural criticism, check out Pitchfork‘s “The Unbearable Whiteness of Indie,” which explores how white indie music (a semi-redundant term, according to Pitchfork) “dilutes and flattens aspects of other cultures’ music that it adopts in the process of making them more ‘accessible’ for those whose curiosity does not extend beyond the parameters of Europe and North America.” Pitchfork came out swinging this week, also producing “EDM Has a Problem with Women, and It’s Getting Worse,” which is pretty self-explanatory.

And finally, The New York Times’ Upshot examined a new study that found that people in communities with high income inequality, whether they’re on the high or low end, were more likely to die before the age of 75 than people in more equal communities.

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