Demystifying concentration gender breakdowns

As sophomores have (hopefully) finally declared their concentrations, they’re asking themselves many questions: Did I make the right choice? Do I actually like Orgo? What are my odds of finding lust or love within my concentration?

Below are the top ten concentrations at Brown broken down by gender enrollment. All information was obtained from the Registrar, which does not account for non-binary genders. This is the first part of a series that will explore identities within concentrations.
Apma Econ

10. Applied Math-Econ: This concentration is for the brave of the brave. Currently, 109 students have declared this concentration. The breakdown is heavily skewed towards males, constituting 65 percent of students enrolled.


9 and 8. Political Science and International Relations: With 156 concentrators in each, Brown is buzzing with political jargon at any given time of the day. Political Science is pretty evenly split, with 83 females and 73 males. International Relations, however, is heavily dominated by females who make up nearly 67 percent of all concentrators. Who says we can’t have a female president?









7. History: Brown has its fair share of history buffs with 156 concentrators. Males make up a slight majority–51 percent–having four more individuals in the concentration than females.





6. Engineering: Despite efforts to increase female enrollment in STEM concentrations, males still make up the overwhelming majority, with two males in the concentration for every female.




5. Neuroscience: Got brain? Well, 174 students do. Females and males split the noggin down the middle, with females comprising just over half–91–of all enrolled students.



4. Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations (BEO): One of most pre-professional concentrations at Brown, BEO brings in 182 students, most of them male. The 73 females in the concentration are making strides, however, and leaning in to change business demographics.



3. Computer Science: The CIT is home to 232 students, an overwhelming majority of which are male. Males constitute nearly 72 percent–166 students–of those enrolled in the concentration.




2. Biology: Of the 256 people primed to be doctors, 144 are females. As Brown’s second largest concentration, its gender breakdown is pretty even: 56 percent females and 44 percent males.



1. Economics: The top of the academic food chain at Brown turns out to be Economics. With all of the on campus investment banking and consulting recruiting, who would’ve guessed it?!? Females comprise the minority, with 126 people in the concentration. Males comprise the other 57 percent of the concentration.

Images via Jason Hu ’15. 

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