8 Brown students on spending summer in Providence


For three months a year – much like the German city of Bielefeld – the city of Providence, RI ceases to exist.

Or at least it does for the vast majority of Brown students, who depart in late spring for summer activities around the globe. But for a select group of undergrads (as well as for permanent residents and Summer@Brown participants), Providence is not only alive and well throughout the summer–it’s a beautiful place to spend a few blissfully warm New England months.

With summer fast approaching, and the subsequent summer job/internship scramble getting more frenetic by the day, don’t sleep on staying in Providence for the warm months. You might have heard from friends who stayed and/or visited (or perhaps you even spent a summer here yourself!), but don’t just take it from them; here are eight Brown undergrads who spent the summer in Providence and drew on their experiences here to answer the following question:

“What is the best thing about spending a summer in Providence?”

Jake ’15

“I really loved living in Providence during the summer. I felt that as someone who utilizes the city so much during the school year, I somewhat owed the city a little bit of time while it wasn’t acting as a college town. I taught design and construction to low-income HS students, and we went all over Providence. We experienced things that I wouldn’t have ever seen during the school year. I’ve been living in Providence for 4 years of college, I wanted to know what all of the seasons in the city were like. Also it was nice to feel what the warmth feels like in Providence, and you don’t find that really until mid to late June.”

Charlotte ’16

“The beach is super close and the weather is beautiful.”

Ezra ’15

“Providence feels a lot bigger when you’re here for the summer. Without classes and classmates suddenly you are free to explore all the restaurants, beaches, and events Rhode Island has to offer. And Providence has a crazy amount of outdoor festivals/concerts. Literally there was a night where my friends and I went to four independent festivals around downtown Providence. Chilling with your friends is especially wonderful when everyone is stress free and pleasantly sun-kissed. “

Eric ’16

“The best thing about spending the summer in PVD is a very relaxed social scene where everyone knows everyone and you see the same people at all the intimate house parties.”

Yacine ’16

“You are able to become more aware of your surroundings and ‘get off the hill.’ The possibilities for work and fun are endless in Providence and it is definitely a valuable experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend my summer in Providence because it has made me more cognizant of the types of social and political issues or events that are present in the community.”

Giuliano ’15

“The community of Brown students here during the summer is obviously a lot smaller than usual. During my summer in Providence, I was able to become friends and spend time with students I normally wouldn’t interact with during the school year.”

David ’15

“The best thing about spending a summer in Providence is interacting with the communities that exist outside the Brown bubble here in Rhode Island. This state is wonderful and beautiful and full of its own quirks (like the Gaspee Days Parade and V-J Day) and it’s easy to forget that when you’re going about your routine up on the Hill on a cloudy day.”

Kelly ’17

“You either learn how to cook and shop, or try lots of new far-away places in an attempt to not.”

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