Why Brown? A Q&A with some pre-frosh


With Deadline Day around the corner, here is BlogDH’s latest installment in shameless Brown promotion Brown-related posts for the dearly beloved Class of 2019. Last week, two BlogDH staff members sat down with an assortment of pre-frosh and asked them what questions they had about Brown. Here are our answers:

How has your perspective of Brown changed over the years?

Julia: I came to Brown thinking it was an incredible place because it had incredible academic opportunities. That’s definitely true, but I realized within my first semester that what makes Brown incredible are wildly passionate and creative students. I see Brown now as a community instead of an institution.

What is your least favorite part of Brown?

Kevin: Personally, my least favorite part of Brown is the fact that it can become so easy to get consumed by the present moment. As soon as you arrive on campus, there are so many amazing and exciting things occurring all around you that it can be hard to look past the parameters of the Main Green. Providence is a really interesting city; however, because there’s so much going on around campus, it can be hard to pull away from College Hill and make the trek downtown. The same applies to the clubs you join and the activities you get involved with; once you invest your time and energy, it can become really easy to be blind to all of the other exciting happenings around campus. In other words, it’s really easy to lose track of all of the incredible opportunities that Brown and Providence have to offer because there will inevitably be so much going on in your life as soon as you get on campus.

What’s the best part of the Open Curriculum?

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How has the Open Curriculum affected what classes you take?  

Julia: I came to Brown knowing I loved Psychology. I was probably a little overzealous about this as a freshman and took as many CLPS classes as could fit in my cart. As a sophomore, I’m only a few classes away from the degree and am now working on a double concentration. It’s fully thanks to the open curriculum that I was able to take classes I loved right away and now have the flexibility to do something new. This is a cautionary tale, though! The open curriculum does let you take whatever you want but make sure you put the onus on yourself to take a wide range of challenging courses. If I were to do it again, I would’ve totally taken an intro CS or moons for goons.


What has been your favorite class?

Julia: I have a new favorite class every semester but the class I would recommend to anyone and everyone is MUSC0200: Computers and Music. This class tracks the history of music and music technology in a culture crash course from the 1890s on. Not only do you learn about musical trends from around the world, but you also learn about the contexts that sparked them and how they effected subsequent trends. There’s a lab portion of the class that will get you proficient in LogicPro, audio editing software, that has proven invaluable. In all my hyping of this class, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love it. Conveniently for you incoming freshmen, it’s offered every fall!

What is Brown’s relationship with RISD?

Kevin: Brown and RISD are neighbors in every sense of the word; our campuses touch, and there’s plenty of neighborly friendliness between the two institutions. As a Brown student, you can take several RISD classes (up to four can count for credit towards graduation) over the course of your undergraduate career. (I personally want to try to get into Intro to Photography at some point in the future.) Of course, RISD courses are RISD courses, so the standards are quite high; that in mind, as an artistically interested student, Brown will offer you an unparalleled degree of access to highly rigorous studio art studies because it has such an open relationship with RISD. (It’s also important to note that there’s a ton of campus-life overlap between the two institutions, so events/exhibitions going on on one campus are easily accessible by members of the other.) So, in short, Brown’s relationship with RISD is awesome. [Ed. That being said, because Brown and RISD are on different academic schedules, it can be hard to coordinate taking RISD classes. Either way, it’s a great resource to have around the corner.]   

Is housing guaranteed for all four years?

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Do you preselect roommates?

Kevin: Nope! As an incoming freshman, you will be randomly assigned a roommate. This can sound somewhat terrifying, but I can assure you that it almost always works out well. Personally, I get along very well with my current roommate (I’m a freshman), and pretty much all of my friends have had positive experiences with their roommates as well. Also, the random assignment process gives you the opportunity to potentially get to know someone that you might not have otherwise met, which I think is really awesome. And, it takes away the pressure of having to find a roommate on your own!

What are WPCs?

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Why did you choose Brown? 

Kevin: In short, Brown is the best place ever. For more, check out this BlogDH panel about why our staff chose Brown.

Image via Jason Hu ’15.

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