Not Long Now, a senior choreography showcase

Not Long Now, a senior choreography showcase by Emma Blue Russo, opened today at Stuart Theatre. The show is impressive on many counts: the eight dance numbers are set entirely to the music of James Blake and it is relatively unprecedented to give a student full reign of Stuart.

The first act explores themes of “urgency, coping, and healing through movement” while the second presents a series of dances drawn from influences on Russo’s creative identity as a choreographer. From inspired choreography to talented performers, aided by music that draws on elements of funk and electro-pop, the show is a cohesive production of dance, light, and sound.



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Not Long Now closes tomorrow, May 3rd at 6pm in Stuart Theatre. The show is currently sold out, but anyone interested in getting a free ticket can head to the box office ten minutes prior to showtime, when ticket reserves not yet claimed will be forfeited to those on the wait list.

Images via Danielle Perelman ’17.

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