Campus Life Updates: Policy changes this Fall


Campus Life’s most recent email details some of the significant changes to the Student Conduct code, the alcohol and social event policy, and student resources, resulting from the review process that took place last May. To get the full scoop, well… you should probably read your email. For a condensed version, see below.

Alcohol and Social Events:

-The restrictions on dorm spaces serving alcohol that were introduced last semester will be continued, at least through this Fall. Certain spaces on campus will be “on hold” on Friday and Saturday nights, in order to meet the demand for housing student events. This will also help with “increasing university support for the management” of said events.

-According to feedback from last year, students prefer “calmer living spaces.”

-Graduate students are filling a new role for Reslife to “enhance harm-reduction strategies on weekend nights in residence halls.” The grad students are supposed to address community disruptions, provide assistance for students, and host “alcohol-free programming.” Mayhaps, Settlers of Catan?

See the full report here.

Student Conduct Code:

– An email on September 3rd from Amanda Walsh, Brown University’s new Title IX officer, summarizes some of the changes to the sexual and gender-based violence policy at Brown. Briefly, there will be a new complaint process and an investigator model, annual online training modules for students and staff members about our new policies that are mandatory, and a new Title IX Oversight and Advisory Board. To get more information, see the Title IX website.

-Specific student conduct code changes, approved by the Corporation, can be found here.

Mental Health/CAPS:

Although only mentioned once in the Campus Life email, Russell Carey’s email from September 2nd announces the first report from the Mental Health Community Council. The full report can be accessed here, and below is a screenshot of already implemented changes to CAPS.


In other news, SAO is now offering party manager training online, Brown has staff for notary services for students, and Hope College has a new roof. Read up and educate yourselves on the plethora of policy changes, and welcome back to campus!

Image via Campus wide email.

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