Why YOU should apply to write for BlogDH

Do you find yourself wanting to join a club every semester and then letting shopping period anxiety get in your way? We get it. But we’re also here to convince you that now is the time to send in those applications! And while we’ve got you reading, we’re going to give you our best pitch for why you should join Blog.

We are Brown student’s go-to source for campus news and happenings.

If you’ve ever wanted to be that person to break campus-wide news, then Blog is your jam. Join a team of highly motivated journalists who are committed to keeping College Hill in the loop. We spotlight students who do incredibly cool and powerful things, we keep students in the know about University news and summarize campus-wide emails, we report the Spring Weekend lineup announcement,  break College-Hill-relevant news, and give you day-to-day insight on whether you should go to the Ratty or the V-Dub. We even take down Jesse Watters so you don’t have to. Bill O’Reilly also gave us a special shout-out for this drinking game. Basically, we’re your Meiklejohn, your best friend, your professor, your guardian, and your stress-relieving golden retriever all combined in one.


We’re always looking to improve and grow so that we can give College Hill innovative, interactive, and exciting content.

We are passionate about providing an engaging media platform that covers what the College Hill community wants to read, watch, and hear. From our research on what it means to be Happy@Brown, to our forays into Drunk/Sober/High territory, we are constantly trying to push the envelope and develop cutting-edge content to keep up with your pace. In order to always be here when people need us, we need you to keep our momentum going and to take Blog to new heights!

We are a caring (and fun!) community.

Once you join the BlogDH staff, you join our family. Our staff is comprised of students from all walks of campus life with a diverse set of concentrations, interests, opinions, and experiences–and we love to ~*have fun*~, whether in writer’s meetings every Sunday, “Bloffice Hours” hosted by different editors throughout the week, or in monthly Blog bonding events.


Additionally, we have two highly active (and hilarious) Facebook groups for current staff and alums to engage with each other: BlogLog, a group that functions to keep all writers in the loop on campus relevant news and content ideas while also allowing Blog alums to stay engaged with our content, and Blog Wastes Time, a group strictly for Blog staff and alums to appreciate the time-wasting beauty of the life-sucking Internet. Once you join our community, you’re welcome to stay for as long as you’d like.

So how do you apply? You can complete our writer application by September 21 at 5 p.m., visit our Apply to Blog Facebook event, and attend our info sessions on Wednesday, September 16 (today!) and Thursday, September 17 (tomorrow!) from 6 — 6:30 p.m. We’ll also be handing out Blog stickers on Thursday and Friday in the Blue Room from 12 — 2 p.m. Email blog@browndailyherald.com with any questions!


Still not convinced? Hear what some BlogDH staff members and alums had to say when asked “Why Blog?”:

“Funny and creative people who are involved in so many diverse things at Brown” — Tomas Navia ’16

“Blog equips you with the tools to explore almost all facets of campus life and provides you a platform from which you can express yourself and have your voice be heard by a vast audience” — Kevin Haggerty ’18

“To be a part of something that is well established now but also has so much room to grow” — Caitlin Dorman ’16

“THE PEOPLE. Bonding! Furbie! Bergemash! BlogLog, duh” — Georgia Tollin ’15, former Editor-in-Chief

“Learning about all of  the cool things happening on campus every Blog meeting and then forgetting to go to everything” — Jackson Cantrell ’18

“Because we DO give a fuck about the Oxford comma” — Seth Kleinschmidt ’13

Images via BlogDailyHerald.

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