Sextion: What the hell does your sex dream mean?


Hey guys,

Consumed by all of the hustle and bustle of midterms, it’s a wonder you’re getting any sleep at all—let alone sleeping long enough to have sex dreams! But, if you’re like me, you’re having them anyway! So let’s decode those sex dreams, Brunonia.

Dreaming of… sex with an ex:

You’re almost certainly just sorting through some old unresolved feelings. Give it some reflection and move on with your life (and in your sex dreams).

“But Demiiiiii, it was really good dream-sex and I think I maybe want to get back together with them.”

Just don’t. It never works out. You broke up for a good reason!


Dreaming of… cheating on your significant other in the SciLi 00 decibels area:

If you’ve been dreaming of cheating, not only are you feeling unsatisfied with you and your S.O.’s sex life, but you are also quite confident in your ability to have sex completely unnoticed in a (fairly quiet) public place. I say combine these two in real life and make it a win-win?


Dreaming of… catching your S.O. cheating on you in the Rock:

You’re probably feeling neglected and insecure because your S.O. has been too busy studying at the Rock to chill with you. I think I’m sensing some deep-seeded resentment toward the Rock, am I not?



Dreaming of… getting high with your friend, walking to Jo’s, having some insane munchies, and then going home and hooking up with them:

Don’t worry too much about the sex part. It’s probably nothing and it usually just means you admire them and some of their specific qualities. If you’re gonna worry about anything from this dream, I’d say worry that you’re getting the munchies too often in real life if you’ve started to freakin’ dream about them.



Dreaming repeatedly and frequently of… passionate and loving sex with a friend in your dorm room:

Yeah… so… right about now, you should be getting worried that you’ve caught the feels.



Dreaming of… really nice, sweet, romantic (and I never use this word) lovemaking:

Who is this wonderful human being in your dream!? And more importantly, why are they not your S.O.?

Dreaming of… a bird’s-eye view of yourself having sex with someone:

You’ve probably been too focused on your classes to pay attention to your sexual needs and therefore you may be feeling (literally) disconnected from your sexual-self.

Unless you are actually a bird.

Dreaming of… exploring your sexuality:

I really have no joke for this. Seriously, let your mind do as it pleases! See how your subconscious reacts—maybe it’s hinting at the fact you’d enjoy experimenting in real life or perhaps it’ll reaffirm your current sexual identity. Either way, it’s good to know and recognize when you have these dreams!

Dreaming of… some flat-out unsettling shit:

The kind that make you wake up and wonder, “Am I bad person for dreaming that?” No, you didn’t just suddenly morph into horrible person because of a dream! It’s totally normal to (very infrequently) have a completely sick and twisted sex dream. However, if this dream is recurring and/or truly shook you to your core, I would recommend talking to someone at CAPS.



Dreaming of… sex with a professor (or TA):

Depending on how hot they are, you’ll either react like this:


Or like this:


Regardless of your feelings toward this dream, don’t freak. Some studies say this is the most common sex dream for students to have. 


If you are interested in more legit interpretations of your sex dreams, I’ve found these sources the most helpful in the (vast amount of) time I’ve spent googling, “What does X in a sex dream mean?”: general sex dreams and specifically about cheating.


Sweet dreams, Brunonia,

Demisexual Lovato


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