A Last-Minute Guide to Costumes: Brown Edition

You need a costume that’s low-budget. You need a costume that’s last-minute. And you need a costume that’s Brown-specific. Fear not: you can have your cake candy and eat it too. When it’s an hour before Monster Ball/RISD Ball/that MoChamp pregame and there’s nothing in sight but your half-finished lab report and that sky photo t-shirt, BlogDH has got you covered.

The Main Green


You will need:

  • Green clothes
  • A frisbee
  • A picnic basket/tapestry/MacBook Air

Dress up in green clothes, stick a frisbee on your head, and carry something Main Green-related around for the night. Note: the Frisbee is essential. Otherwise you may be mistaken for Wriston/Simmons/Pembroke Green, which is not what you’re going for here.

Sexy Tinfoil Sculpture


You will need:

  • Tinfoil

A classic campus landmark, everyone will want to know who’s rocking this slick two-piece at the party. Not to mention, it’s the only costume CVS is still selling.

Sexy Chipotle Burrito


You will need:

  • Sexy Tinfoil Sculpture Costume
  • A burrito
  • A Chipotle take-out bag

All the benefits of the last costume plus you won’t spend the night hungry. A win-win.

That Brown Ivy League Logo


You will need:

  • A solid brown t-shirt
  • Some leaves on a string

Minimal effort. Maximum payoff. Luckily, not every leaf on campus has turned its color before Halloween this year. Sure, you might not sell as many t-shirts as the classic Brown crest, but that doesn’t make you any less important.

The Brown Crest


You will need:

  • Two solid white t-shirts
  • Some books
  • A long receipt
  • A solid red t-shirt
  • A paper crown

Although it may be the most involved costume on this list, the classic Brown Crest is an icon here on campus, and this costume will probably get you into any party on campus. Place a few books wherever you’d like, write “IN DEO SPERAMUS” on the back of that receipt, and roll the red and white tees together to create that perfect striped spiral. Finally, buy or make your own paper crown, unroll it, and pin it to your hair for that perfect “sun” effect. In order to really pull off this look, be sure to have that bored look on your face for the entire night.

The Caesar Augustus Statue on Wriston Quad


You will need:

  • A sheet
  • Some leaves on a string

Another campus landmark, this costume serves as a great way to regulate your modesty level throughout the night as well. Also, if you befriend a group of Greek gods and goddesses, you’ll blend right in. (Tip: To pull off the Marcus Aurelius Statue on Simmons Quad, wear the same costume, on a horse.)

Nudity in the Upspace


You will need:

Warning: this may get cold.

The Rock


You will need:

When deciding on a pun for a Halloween costume, why not keep it close to home? (Tip: While wearing this, head to the Absolute Quiet Room and silently nudge people to get a reaction. They’ll love it.)

The SciLi Challenge


You will need:

  • A red solo cup
  • Something to wear and write on
  • Something to write with

Paper and Sharpie works great, but a long grey t-shirt and a fabric marker would work even better. Let’s be honest, there’s no building more recognizable than the SciLi, and pairing this costume with books would be too expected. Don’t merely dress for Halloweekend. Dress for last weekend.

President Christina Paxson P’19


You will need:

  • A blazer
  • A scarf
  • A stuffed dog

While a poodle would of course be preferred, any stuffed dog and blazer/scarf combination could work for this outfit. Of course, the hair is a pretty important factor as well, so you might want to give yourself an hour (or a trip to Salon Persia) to work on that bob. (Tip: Call DPS while standing in front of the President’s House. Try to get in.)

As always, this Halloweekend, whatever your plans or your costume, remember to be safe and smart throughout the night. And, when in doubt, you can always reclaim last year’s costume.

All images via Anthony DeRita ’18.

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