SPRING2016: Course Superlatives

Pre-registration is upon us once again. In case you haven’t even thought about pre-registering because it’s freaking November and who are you to think more than an hour in advance, here’s your warning: Seniors register at 8 a.m. Tuesday (tomorrow), juniors on Wednesday, sophomores on Thursday and first-years on Friday.

Whether you’re deciding between that upper-level CS class and an experimental literary arts class or an 8 a.m. Monday lecture and a Friday afternoon seminar, BlogDH is here to help. Just remember: the secret to a great schedule is selecting courses based on their name alone.

We present the Spring 2016 course superlatives:


AMST0912: Unsettled Things: Objects and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century America

…likely to have the best field trips
ARCH2744: Egyptian Art in New England Museums

…likely to have the most dangerous field trips
LITR1230: Latin American Death Trip

CLPS1720: Human Resilience

PHP1680: Tobacco, Smoking, and the Evil Empire

BIOL2350: The Biology of Aging

MUSC0221: Electroacoustic Improv Ensemble

…likely to bring out your inner child
PHYS0113: Squishy Physics

MCM1700: Theory for Practice/Practice as Theory

…reflective, literally
ENGN1480: Metallic Materials

…likely to blow up Barus & Holley
PHYS1170: Introduction to Nuclear and High Energy Physics

…useful on a Saturday night
PHP1520: Emergency Medical Systems: An Anatomy of Critical Performance

practical for crossing Thayer St.
ENGL2901C: Pedestrian Theory: Walking, Working, Waking

…unlikely pair
RELS0052: Love and Reason

…complicated relationship status
COLT 1810G: Fiction and History

…useful for navigating Thanksgiving dinner
SOC2961: Family Demography

…likely to subtly teach psychic skills
SOC0310: Theory and Practice of Engaged Scholarship (ESP Seminar)

…likely to induce stage fright
TAPS1210: Solo Performance

…wishful thinking
POLS1824: Meritocracy

HIST1965: She’s So Chic! Fashion, Gender, and Nationalism in French History

…hopeful that Back to the Future is real
GRMN1660: Having Beethoven Over in 1970



…band name
LITR1230K: Latin American Death Trip

…for your health
BIOL0040: Nutrition for Fitness and Physical Activity

…for presidential primaries season
LATN1810: Survey of Republican Literature

…for spring break planning
HIST1967: History of Rio de Janeiro

…double entendre
VISA1210: Big Woodcut



  • ANTH0130: Myths Alive
  • ANTH1623: Archaeology of Death
  • APMA0650: Essential Statistics

Hardest to pronounce

  • APMA2811: Dynamics and Stochastics
  • BIOL4210: Otorhinolaryngology
  • RUSS1300: Russian Literature in Translation II: Tolstoy to Solzhenitsyn

Snack break required

  • AMST0191: Food and Gender in U.S. Popular Culture
  • POLS1740: Politics of Food

Best for selfie-taking skills

  • ARCH1105: The Face of Power: Representing Roman Emperors
  • HMAN1917: Introduction to iPhone/iPad Moviemaking Using 3-D and 4K Comparisons
  • HIAA0089: Contemporary Photography

Evidence that Brown professors love alliteration

  • SOC1870K: Demographics and Development
  • AMST1601: Health and Healing in American History
  • MCM2110: Pedestrian Theory: Walking, Working, Waking
  • HIST1979: Piracy, Patents, and Intellectual Property

Most likely to pop the College Hill bubble

  • URBN1930: Brown in Providence
  • POLS1821: Rhode Island Government and Politics

Most awkward double date

  • PHIL0300: Love and Friendship
  • RELS0068: Religion and Torture

Power couple

  • TAPS0220: Persuasive Communication
  • PLCY2150: Strategic Communication


  • POLS1823H: Public Opinion
  • POLS2070H: Public Opinion

Most meta

  • LITR1200: Writers on Writing
  • CLPS1590: Visualizing Vision


Some honorable mentions:

Why you should be worried about that snapstory you posted last night
ENGN0931: Internet of Everything

Thanks for the SAT word
GEOL1150: Limnology: The Study of Lakes

ENGL0500: Getting Emotional: Passionate Theories

Closest to home
SOC0170: The Family

Class Donald Trump never took
POLS1130: The American Presidency

Biggest smile
TAPS2660: Voice: Singing with Joy

Wish it was taught by the voice of Neil DeGrasse Tyson
PHIL1620: Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics

Muggle bait
HIST0150B: The Philosophers’ Stone: Alchemy From Antiquity to Harry Potter (HIST 0150B)

Least subtle literary reference
POBS2500K: Senses and Sensibilities in the Nineteenth Century Portuguese Novel

Farthest throwback (#tbt)
LITR1010: Cave Writing

BIOL0160: Plants, Food, and People

BIOL1585: The Biology of Desert Plants

URBN1870C: The City, the River, and the Sea: Social and Environmental Change at the Water’s Edge


And finally, the department awards:

Most undescriptive department:
UNIV University Courses

Slacker Award, for offering no classes in Spring 2016

  • CATL Catalan Department
  • REMS Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
  • LAST Latin American Studies

Team Player Award, all courses are cross-listed with other departments for Spring 2016
MES Medieval Studies Department

Congrats to all of the courses and the professors who came up with their course titles, and happy pre-registration!


Image via Albert Brown ’16.

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