Abyssinia is (probably) closed


BlogDH is sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like Wickenden Street’s staple Ethiopian restaurant is calling it a day. How do we know? Partly because we feel its absence in our hearts, and partly because a) there is a sign that says “We are closed”, b) their phone is disconnected, and c) there is “property for lease” sign outside of the establishment. Every time someone on staff has dropped by during normal open-for-business hours, the lights have been out.

Abyssinia was a love or hate kind of joint– The type of place where you’d either be ecstatic at the prospect of becoming a regular, or dodge in fear of having to request a fork. (The standard utensils were rolls of injera, or Ethiopian sourdough flatbread).


No information is available yet as to why it closed, and no online sources have been updated to the new status. In the weeks prior to going off the radar, the restaurant was noticeably short-staffed, with a single cook often acting as host and waiter. Regardless of the reasoning, everyone who enjoyed kick-ass coffee, free kettle corn, and a sensual dining experience will sorely miss Abyssinia. It was the restaurant where you brought a date that you saw a future with — in the parallel universe where you actually had a date.

The pumpkin on their porch is both a function of time since closing, and a representation of our feelings now that they’re gone. We never got a chance to say goodbye. And by goodbye, we mean drown our sorrows in berbere sauce.


All we can hope for now is that we are all in a joint coma, and will awaken sometime soon to the smell of freshly cooked Key Wot, and Ye Beg Tibs. If you need us, we will be expressing our grief by eating with our hands on Thayer Street locations.

Images via Caitlin Dorman ’16.


  1. Catherine

    Wow…not surprised though, after finding out that the “waiter” we thought sucked so bad and didn’t seem to care was actually the owner. Tall guy who smelled like cat food…

    I will miss this place though. Dammitt.

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