The Anti-Slump: Look how far we’ve come


Yeah no things are great, super great. I wish I could be a sophomore forever.

Uh oh. It’s almost time to go home for Thanksgiving break. That means I’m gonna have to convince my family and friends that sophomore year is somehow better than freshman year.

But it is better, right? I mean, I won’t have to lie about having made tons of new friends this year. Because I do have tons of new friends, right?

Oh dear.

Of course, my family will be more concerned about academics, which is good for me, cause I’m a much better student now. Last year I rarely went to my professors’ office hours, but as a sophomore, I make a point of going all the time… well, really more like sometimes. Except for that one professor, who I’ve never even talked to, but I’ll definitely stop by their office hours before the semester ends.

As a sophomore, I am simply more confident about my academic plan. This year, I can proudly announce to my friends and family that I will almost certainly be concentrating in History, or Portuguese, or American Studies, or Africana Studies, or maybe Urban Studies cause I took this really cool class that talked about cities and stuff, but I could also do like an independent concentration in something cool, plus I like books so Comp Lit is still on the table. I’ve come a long way since freshman year.

And when it comes to extracurriculars there’s really no comparison. As a freshman, the only things I did were write for Blog and another campus publication, produce audio stories, play Ultimate frisbee, and frequently attend lectures, film screenings, and student plays. This year, though, I’m much more involved. I write for Blog sometimes, produce audio stories occasionally, and attend weekly private screenings of Bob’s Burgers in my room.


Stop trying to hold me back, I’m a sophomore.

Actually, between going to office hours all the time, focusing on my very clear path of study, participating in lots of extracurriculars, and, of course, spending time with the tons of new friends I’ve made this year, I don’t even think I have time to go home for break.

Plus, I still have a couple more seasons of Bob’s Burgers to get through before finals. No one said sophomore year was going to be easy.

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