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BlogDailyHerald will be live blogging Super Tuesday! Just in case you’re a little rusty on sixth grade U.S. geography and are struggling to figure out which states are where on the maps available elsewhere, here are states — shapes and names — that will be holding their presidential primaries. The Democratic caucus in American Samoa will also be participating in the night’s festivities. Sorry for leaving you off American Samoa, we know it’s the only time you get any action in U.S. politics.

Updated at 7:10 p.m. PROJECTION: Hillary takes Virginia, while Bernie gets his homies and wins Vermont, according to the New York Times.

Updated at 7:38 p.m. PROJECTION: Trump takes Georgia, according to CNN.


742   Updated 8:04 p.m.: Trump is rolling in delegates! Alabama, Tennessee and Massachusetts all go for the Donald, according to the New York Times. 804 Updated 8:16 p.m.: With very limited percentages reporting, it looks like the people of Alabama and Tennessee are standing with Hillary, according to the AP.   814   Updated 8:30 p.m.: Continuing her Southern sweep, Clinton emerges victorious in Arkansas, according to the AP. 835 Updated 8:41 p.m.: While Trump and Clinton are using Twitter to thank everyone for their victories, the only thing going on right now on Ted Cruz’s feed are reminders to vote and retweets of pictures of children clearly not old enough to know what is going on.

Updated 8:52 p.m.: This map is getting pretty scary — saying that from a purely aesthetic point of view — as Trump becomes the projected winner in Virginia, according to CBS.



Updated 9:01 p.m.: Ted just Cruz’d through Texas, according to the AP. Killing it in more ways than one … ?

ZODIAC-C-14DEC99-SC-HO--Police sketch of the man suspected of being the "Zodiak Killer," 1969.

A sketch of the Zodiac Killer courtesy of Wikipedia.

Update 9:11 p.m.: Hillary has Texas and Cruz adds Oklahoma, according to the AP. Marco WHObio?911



Updated 9:32 p.m.: Apparently people are feeling the Bern in Oklahoma! After a bit of a dry spell Sanders has claimed the Sooner State, according to the AP.



Update 9:39 p.m.: Just saying, Donald Trump’s cover photo on Twitter is quite unappealing. Looks like he could use some pointers on fun mapmaking from us here at Blog.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.48.11 PM

Updated 9:58 p.m.: That look when you’re a career politician and you’re relegated to the background of a Super Tuesday press conference by a guy with enough money and notoriety to upend your campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.02.15 PM

Updated 10:05 p.m.: Bernie is leading in Colorado, according to the AP.


Updated 10:30 p.m.: Trump takes Arkansas, according to the Huffington Post.



Updated 11:08 p.m.: Suspicions confirmed. Sit back and take a hit. Bernie wins Colorado, according to NBC.


Updated 11:13 p.m.: But he hasn’t tweeted to thank the people of Colorado. It isn’t real if you don’t tweet it Bernie!

Updated 11:16 p.m.: Atta boy, Marco. At least he won one. Rubio wins Minnesota, according the AP.


Updated 11:23 p.m.: In the closest call of Super Tuesday, Hillary wins Massachusetts.


Updated 11:30 p.m.: Minnesota is feelin’ the Bern! I guess it’s kind of like Vermont up there…


Updated 11:37 p.m.: See the timeline of all the Democratic primaries here!


Updated at 11:45 p.m.: Ted Cruz has 69 delegates.


Updated at 12:27 p.m.: Trump wins Vermont. Vermont… who are you.



Updated at 3:22 a.m.: And the results are in! Cruz won Alaska:


See the timeline of the Republican primaries:


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