Diplo released a new bootleg pack with a picture of a Furby

Here’s some JOURNALISM!: Diplo just released a new bootleg pack (i.e. playlist) on Soundcloud to celebrate the milestone of achieving 1,000,000+ Facebook likes.

This is an interesting development for two key reasons:

1) You can escape the doom and gloom of the #SCILIFE and relive the glory days of Spring Weekend by listening to these tracks (in addition to these more general study jams).

2) The supporting image on the pack is of a FURBY. A. FURBY. The official mascot of Spring Weekend. It’s like it knew we Brunonians wanted to relive Spring Weekend—both in terms of the music and the company.

FYI: We plan on doing the same thing when we reach 1,000,000 likes on our Facebook page. Well, we’ll start with 2,500. Help us get there!

Furby struggles to recover from carnival

Guys, I’m fiiiine. I juussT nEed To sEnd thIs one tExt. IcOn 2niGht?

Furby spends a night abroad at URI

Furby is obviously a campus celeb, so it wasn’t surprising that he was invited to ride in style to last night’s Avicii concert at the University of Rhode Island. Although Furby is a big fan of Brown’s Spring Week, the little guy needed a change of scenery (read: Kingston, RI) in order to appreciate Spring Week all the more.

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Furby does Binder

His head is his body. He doesn’t really have shoulders. Knees? Only correctly proportioned and constructed mammals have those. And his toes are more like large pieces of felt. Despite these difficulties, Furby had an absolutely fantastic time at Binder after being rejected from BOTH Spring Weekend Concerts for trying to hide one of those little bottles of booze in his battery pack. More photos from Spring Week’s last hurrah after the jump. Continue Reading

Furby does the SPEC Day Carnival

Yesterday, Furby awoke at 4 pm to the afternoon sun shining brightly through his window and a warm breeze blowing on his face. He immediately called up his pal BearDailyHerald to hit the greens for the first genuinely gorgeous day of Spring Week. As he and Bear (who brought along a his awkwardly tall brother and mom-loving lady friend) were strolling across the Main Green, they soon bumped into President Ruth Simmons. She was truly taken with his blue-green eyes and Furby, who had never met President Simmons before, was immediately entranced with the magnificence she effortlessly emanates. While the photo-op passed in a moment, Furby went on to have a fantastic afternoon at the SPEC Day Carnival and beyond. More photos after the jump.

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Furby Ponders God’s Benevolence

Today Furby stared onto Benevolent Street, contemplating what kind of sadistic godhead planned a universe with rain in it. Alas, the weather could not deter him from getting fratty indoors–the golden, carbonated brew providing enough sunshine to make his day bearable. As he stumbled toward the computer to check tomorrow’s weather, he saw that it would be 61° and mostly cloudly. “A-loh may-lah, may-bee doo-ay,” he chirped. That’s Furbish for ‘good clouds, maybe fun.’ He proceeded to pass out standing up, snoring his insufferably loud Furby snore.