Humans of Brown University is back!


In an innovative stupor, we created a new series here at BlogDailyHerald last spring: Humans of Brown University (or HOBU). Based on a fast-growing Facebook page called Humans of New York (HONY), this portion of BlogDH seeks to provide a glimpse into the exquisitely enigmatic minds of students at Brown.

The HONY story: In the summer of 2010, a New Yorker named Brandon Stanton went on a quest to creepily take pictures of families and couples “construct a photographic census of New York City” and for about three years now, he’s been doing just that. Brandon’s posts usually consist of snippets from his conversations with New Yorkers (oftentimes a question along with the subject’s answer) and photos of his subjects. Some of them talk about their current struggles, some about their delights, most often with vignettes.

While our posts may serve a more humorous purpose (what profundities do we really have to impart to each other?), we think it’s an appropriate one at that.

Check out BlogDailyHerald’s “Humans of Brown University” album on our Facebook page. We’ll be updating our album with more humans on the reg.

Humans of Brown University, Vol. 2

Here are a few highlights from Vol. 2 of our Humans of Brown University project!  For all of this week’s humans, check out our HOBU Facebook album.


“If you had one superpower it would be?”
“I’d like to be my parents for a while, like for a day.  You’d probably get a lot of wisdom.”


“I’m writing an article for Bluestockings on female graffiti artists.” Continue Reading

BlogDailyHerald presents Humans of Brown University, Vol.1

Introducing Humans of the Brown University presented by BlogDailyHerald! Inspired by Humans of New York, Humans of Brown University will collect stories and quotes from your peers so you can get to learn more about the humans on our campus. We’ve gone out into the field and snapped some pictures of humans (i.e., your peers) at Brown University in their respective elements and on the move. Check BlogDH (and our Facebook page) every Tuesday for new humans and stories. (We’re sorry if you don’t find the label “humans” politically correct; if you’d prefer to be called a squirrel or an alien, please drop us a line and we’ll make the appropriate adjustments.) Enjoy! 


“I love Sayles Hall, built in 1883. (I’m a tour guide.)”


“What are you studying?”
“When is it?”
“Tonight.” Continue Reading

Non-Humans of Providence

Since bursting into our newsfeeds a few years ago, Humans of New York has inspired people across the globe to photograph the weirdest looking people on the street normal, everyday people in order to better understand the personal narratives that compose the complex human experience. The “Humans of…” movement has helped people appreciate diversity and the simple pleasures and concerns that unite humankind. We’ve even started our own spin-off here on the site, and now on our Facebook page. But the whole thing is pretty species-centric. What about the myriad nonhumans that we interact with each day? What might they have to say?

IMG_0039“Did you know that Gandhi let his wife die of pneumonia because he refused to allow her to take penicillin because it was a Western medicine, but when he got malaria allowed doctors to give him quinine? My friend just told me this and it basically destroyed all the assumptions I had about the world.”


“I’m a little worried about the college application process. My older brother just went through it two years ago, and I remember how time-consuming it was. My guidance counselor told me that admissions offices are all going to want the fourth-largest self-supported dome in the world on their campus, but I don’t know. There’s just so much pressure to know what you want in life!”

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Brown’s novelty Facebook pages, ranked

Social networking LIKE The care-free haze of September is winding down and workloads are increasing; in other words, it’s time to procrastinate. Brimming with gossip, news, funny articles, and Buzzfeed quizzes, Facebook is obviously your best friend in the distraction department. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall into the trap of liking pages—especially some of Brown’s many novelty accounts—that seem interesting at first, but eventually prove to be rather annoying. Some are underwhelming, others are outdated, and soon enough you’re left with a cluttered mess on your newsfeed.

Because of this, the art of pruning is integral to keeping a happy and healthy newsfeed. So, in order to help optimize your Brown-related Facebook content, I have rated and ranked five of Brown’s most popular novelty pages:

1. Brown University Confessions. My personal favorite, Brown University Confessions posts anonymous confessions by Brown students. Perhaps the greatest characteristic of the page is its wide range of tones; posts can be serious, vehementcandid, or just plain weird. The page is updated frequently on weekdays and almost all of its posts are highly relatable and/or funny. Confessions is Brown’s most liked novelty page, and with good reason — it’s extremely entertaining and great for your newsfeed. 9.5/10

2. Brown University Snaps. Brown University Snaps posts about 1-2 screenshots of students’ Snapchats each day. The page is light-hearted; while it lacks Confessions’s occasional serious post, it never fails to be engaging and entertaining. Not too invasive and almost always good for a quick laugh, Brown University Snaps is a solid page that’s definitely worth liking. 9/10

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Imagine 250+: ‘Indomitable’ and the History of Brown University’s Mascot

Brown Bear and Cubs!

In the ongoing, nationwide debate about what kind of bear is best, the sensible answer is always the brown bear. There’s nothing more intimidating than a 1,500 pound male grizzly, and even polar bears have been hopping on the grizzly train of late.

More importantly, the brown bear is perfectly representative of the Brown University student: social, fierce, and possessing large, curved claws that may reach up to six centimeters in length. As the fall events of Brown’s 250th anniversary grow near, it’s important to look back at the history of this noble mascot, particularly with last year’s installation of ‘Indomitable’ – the massive statue of a Kodiak bear – outside the Nelson Fitness Center.

According to Encyclopedia Brunonia, the first mascot of Brown University was actually a burro, given to the student body by “real estate man” Isaac L. Goff and “valued at $100.” Introduced at a game against Harvard in 1902, the burro was found to be not only frightened of crowds but a totally laughable mascot, and was replaced by a brown bear at the suggestion of Theodore Francis Green in 1904-1905.

A series of brown bears were presented at sporting events in the following years, a number of whom did such typically bearish things as snarling at the opposing teams and (in the case of Bruno III) climbing trees in an attempt to escape the crowds. Plainly, this was back before people realized that keeping live bears on leashes at crowded public events was an incredibly idiotic idea. By the 1960s, students had to be content with humans dressed in bear suits at sporting events.

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